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Why do we celebrate Military Appreciation Week?

We are the Legionaires, a name that carries a weight of history and unity, connecting us with the past, present, and future.

We play in Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium, a place steeped in its own history and stories, with a plaque of honour and dedication to the men and women who fell in WWII. This is our heritage, our pride, and our shared commitment.  

What does Military Appreciation Week mean to Baseball Oshawa? 


Having our players honour our troops from the past and present reminds them of why they get to play this game.  It puts a face and a uniform of the real person, right next to them in the dugout, who keeps their freedoms intact.  I hope it teaches them that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back. 

Eighty years after the Canadian troops liberated Normandy, only a few remain. Unfortunately, that number will keep diminishing.

But through our observance of MAW, we keep their memory alive in our hearts. We show our appreciation for all the sacrifices they made so that we could step in between those beautiful white lines and do what we love to do. It's our duty, as Baseball Oshawa, to remember and honour them.

Jayson DesLauriers, 16U Elite Legionaires coach, has been the driving force behind Military Appreciation Week for more than 10 years.

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Get Involved!

There are many opportunities to get involved with Baseball Oshawa; whether it's to sponsor a team, to stay connected through umpiring, to assist your son/daughter's Rep or House League team, or to get involved with our Board. 

Step up to sponsor, volunteer, or umpire, and help make Baseball Oshawa a great experience for the kids. We hope to hear from you! 

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Celebrate Baseball Oshawa!

Baseball Oshawa is proud to be entering into its 75th season! 

Oshawa Legion Minor Baseball Association first came to be in 1949, created by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43; the Second World War had ended, and people needed an escape - many turning to baseball as a way to come together and be a part of something. Thus, the Oshawa Legion Minor Baseball Association was created and minor baseball began in Oshawa! 

As we prepare for season start, we will continue to share details significant to our association's history, as well as all of the exciting events planned to honour this 75th season! Stay Tuned! 


Find out how to get involved now!

Find out how to get involved now!