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When does the season start? 
The Season starts the week following the Victoria Day long weekend. No events are held on the holiday Monday.

When does the season end? 
House League ends on different dates in mid-August (COVID-19 dependant). Playoff schedules will be confirmed and posted along with the league schedules on our website during the regular season.

Can my child play “up” a division?
Players may play in a division no more than one year older than their year of birth. For example, a Mosquito-age player born in 2008 who wishes to play in Peewee may do so, while a Mosquito player born in 2009 may not. Note that players born in 2010 wishing to play in Mosquito are permitted to do so, however are not able to pitch during games or practices. All requests must be submitted in writing, prior to April 1st, to the House League Director. 

How many games & practices will the teams play?
Teams will play 17-20 regular season events, dependant on the number of teams in the division. This will consist of 12-15 games and 2-5 practices. Teams are also guaranteed to play at least 2 playoff games. Please note that these figures are subject to COVID-19 considerations.

When will I hear what team I am on?
You will hear what team your child has been placed in early to mid-May.

2021 Nights of Play (May change as a result of COVID-19 considerations)

Division Birth Year Level Rate Nights of Play Start Time
4U — Minor Tee Ball 2017 Minor Tee Ball $165 Tuesday 6:30pm
5U — Tee Ball 2016 Tee Ball $165 Thursday 6:30pm
6U — Minor Tyke 2015 Pitching Machine $185 Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm
7U — Tyke 2014 Pitching Machine $185 Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm
8U — Minor Rookie 2013 Pitching Machine $220 Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm
9U — Rookie 2012 Pitching Machine $220 Monday & Wednesday 6:15pm
11U — Mosquito 2010-2011 Live Pitching $250 Monday & Wednesday 6:15pm
13U — Peewee 2008-2009 Live Pitching $255 Tuesday & Thursday 6:15 pm
16U — Bantam 2005-2007 Live Pitching $255 Monday & Wednesday 6:15 pm
Coaches meeting and orientation Early May
Coaches issued rosters Early May
Schedules Released online Early May
Deadline for Coaches to connect with team TBD
Regular Season start (uniforms handed out) After Victoria Day Weekend

When are team photos taken?

Team photos are scheduled later in the season. Parents/guardians will be notified. 

At what parks will my child play?
A great number of diamonds are used for Baseball Oshawa House League games during the summer in the City of Oshawa. Play for each team will not be dedicated to one particular diamond; this is standard for minor baseball. Parks used in the city include: Knights of Columbus (3 diamonds, primarily Minor Tee Ball, Tee Ball, Minor Rookie Ball and Rookie Ball), Iroquois Shoreline Park (Grandview north), Glen Stewart Park, Alexandra Park #1, Sherwood Park (Wilson north of Taunton, and other parks, as required.  Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions will play at a variety of parks including Lakeview #3, Lakeview #2, McLaughlin Field and Ritson Field.

What is Select?
Baseball Oshawa offers a level of baseball called Select for House League Players at the Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam levels for players interested in playing a little more baseball at higher level as well continuing to play in our House League. The Select team will also inter in a couple tournaments and there is a SOBA Select Championship teams can qualify for.

You must play in our House League full-time in order to be eligible to tryout and make one of our Select teams.

There is a team fee of $215 for Select. Open tryouts have a cost of $20, which covers all tryouts.

Mailing Address
Attn: Bryan Howcroft, Treasurer Baseball Oshawa
1274 Tallpine Ave
Oshawa ON L1K 0G3