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16U Elite Legionaires walk for Greco Family

By Baseball Oshawa, 05/24/24, 2:00PM EDT


We always emphasize that it's more than just a game and we mean it. A baseball family is like no other, and last weekend, the Baseball Oshawa family, the 16U Elite Oshawa Legionaires, showed up for the Greco family!

They participated in a walk to raise awareness of brain injuries and then played their games in honour of Lukas Greco! 

Lukas sustained a life-threatening brain bleed this past weekend. He was rushed to Sick Kids and had surgery early on Saturday morning. With likely more surgeries ahead, it will be a while before the family can all be at home together.

Lukas is an athletic 14-year-old who loves baseball and golf. He’s a fun younger brother to Nolan (Oshawa Legionaires) and a friend to many! He volunteers with Challengers Baseball and loves to give his time to others.

Please continue to think of and pray for the Greco family, visit the GoFundMe page, and consider donating to support this family and the very long journey ahead!