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Honouring Our Fallen Heroes: Reflections on Oshawa's Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium

By Erin Bailey, 06/13/23, 3:30PM EDT


As I sit and reflect on my memories of Oshawa's Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium, I am overwhelmed with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices made by our fallen troops. The stadium, which was built in their honour, stands tall and proud, reminding us of the bravery and selflessness shown by our Canadian soldiers.

One of my fondest memories of the stadium is the annual military appreciation week that Baseball Oshawa hosts every June. It is a time for our community to come together and pay tribute to those who have served our country. The week is filled with exciting games, delicious BBQ, and most importantly, a chance to show our appreciation to our veteran heroes.

One of the highlights of the week is the tank display, which is set up on the stadium grounds for all to see and admire. It is a remarkable sight to see such a powerful display of machinery amidst the ivy-covered stone walls of the stadium.

As I wander around the stadium, taking in all the sights and sounds, I can't help but feel a sense of pride for my community and my country. The Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers and the unwavering dedication of our community to honour their memory.

In the midst of laughter and cheering, we pause to remember those who fought for our freedom. We stand together, united in our love for our country and those who serve it. As I leave the stadium, I know that I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to pay tribute to our heroes at this remarkable place. Oshawa's Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium will forever hold a special place in my heart.

So, here's to the Kinsmen Civic Memorial Stadium and all of the brave individuals who gave their lives protecting our freedoms. You are not forgotten, and your sacrifice will never be in vain.

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