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Announcing the Harvey's Umpire of the Week Awards

By Admin, 05/31/22, 11:15AM EDT


Send us your nominations for weekly umpire awards

Baseball Oshawa is proud to announce we have teamed with the Harvey's team at Taunton at Ritson Roads to help recognize and reward umpires in Oshawa.

Starting this year, Baseball Oshawa will recognize a Junior and Senior Umpire every week. The Umpire of the Week will receive a free meal at Harvey's and be profiled on the Baseball Oshawa website and social media.

We will recognize two umpires every week. If you want to nominate an umpire for this award, please email

Week #5 Umpires of the week

Junior Umpire Erik Smith

Nominating Coach:  Shawn Earle

Oshawa 16u would like to nominate Erik Smith for the job he did on Sunday. Doing it solo from behind the plate in both games, he did a fantastic job in every area of the game. 

Senior Umpire:  Adrian Kentish

Nominated by:  UIC Jim Taylor 

Week #4 Umpires of the Week

Junior Umpire: Nick Brun

Senior Umpire: Jason Topple 

Nominating Coach: Mike Schachow

"This pair umpired an EOBA battle between our 11u AAA team and the Whitby AAA team. This pair was calm, cool, and collected in what can often be very tense, aggressive games. No complaints from either team and the game ran incredibly smooth."

Congratulations, Nick and Jason!

Week #3 Umpires of the week

Week 3 Winners:

Our Junior Umpire was nominated by 2 separate coaches this past week!!

Junior Umpire: Lawson James
Nominating Coach: Jason Bourque/Sandy Bailey 

Coach Bourque says: We would like to nominate Lawson James, who was our base ump this past Sunday. He had some close calls and showed confidence in making them. He handled himself well for a young umpire.

Coach Bailey says: We'd like to nominate Lawson James, our home plate umpire on Sunday at Lutton against Bradford. Lawson called a fair, consistent strike zone, was loud and clear and worked well with players from both teams. We've been fortunate to have Lawson a few times over the past several years, and he continues to grow as an umpire.

Senior Umpire: Scott Dargie
Nominating Coach: Aaron Marshall

I want to nominate Scott Dargie. He was loud and vocal both behind the plate and on bases for our weekend games. Always approachable and more than willing to talk about calls in a calm, respectful manner. 

This week was a tough week for a decision, as many coaches nominated umpires! The progress is happening, and we are having our coaches recognize the excellent work of our umpire crew. 

Week #2 Umpires of the Week

The Harvey's junior and senior umpires of the week for Week 2 are as follows:  

Junior Umpire:  Quin Griffin
Nominating Coach: Shawn Earle

• Young umpire, who did a pretty good job with our level of ball. He was at the game early enough for all eyes to see. He handled himself and all situations throughout the weekend with class. In the future, as I mentioned to him after one of our games Saturday, simply don't be shy to be a little more vocal on the field.

Our vote for umpire of the week goes to Quinn Griffin!

Senior Umpire:  Bryson Maclean
Nominating Coach: Kyle Sawyer

• We had Bryson MacLean, and he was great! He called the game fair and was super polite.

Week #1 Umpires of the week

The Harvey's junior and senior umpires of the week for the first week are as follows:  

Junior Umpire:  Austin Kentish
Nominating coach Mike Schachow:

Austin Kentish continues to grow as a young umpire. His professionalism and knowledge of the game have been shown in the way he controls the game and the patience he shows when our young athletes are still learning the sport.  

Senior Umpire:  Joe Frendo-Cumbo
Nominating coach: Rick Townson

We had Joe (Sr.) at our exhibition game on Saturday at Durham College. He did a fantastic job, and Joe went the extra mile in helping us coaches support the young pitchers that are learning the game. His care and concern for the well-being of the players as some struggled on the mound was really great to see. He was consistent, fair and helpful with his calls and did a great job mentoring Lawson during the game. We look forward to having him throughout the season!