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House League Award Winners — 2019

By Admin, 11/26/19, 6:00PM EST


Congratuations to the 2019 Baseball Oshawa House League Awards winners!

Baseball Oshawa President Ken Babcock and Executive Board Member Daryl Macklem were honoured to hand out the 2019 House League Awards

Flo Hall Award: Annie Schlechter

Annie led her team with dignity and grace, and though the boys on the team would tease her in good spirits, she never lost her cool and always managed to put them in their place, with class. Annie is a great ball player, fields well, hits well, very coachable and has a great attitude. Annie knows the game better than most, and she helped teach everyone this year about the spirit of team.

Minor T-Ball - Coach of the Year: Keith Harrison

Keith was at the diamond early every week, with a fun, positive attitude that made the t-ballers feel special. He recognized his team’s player of the week with a special champion belt (awesome!). At each and every game, Keith demonstrated how much he cared about the player’s and parents’ experience, and several nominators noted his patience of a saint, always key to introducing youngsters to the sport.

Minor T-Ball - Player of the Year: Brock Hodgson

Brock was an absolute delight to coach this year, and he came to every game with a smile. He listened well to his coaches, and developed significantly this year in all facets of the game. His focus during games was unsurpassed, and his friendly demeanor with his teammates made him a great team player.

 T-Ball - Coach of the Year: Steven Crawford

As described by one of his nominees, Steve is the type of coach you hope your kids have every year. Each week, Steve came to the field early, leading the team through a series of activities and drills. He was an excellent communicator with parents, and provided each player with a banner with player photos at the end of the season. He made every game fun for the kids.

T-Ball – Player of the Year: Logan Martin

It was obvious Logan was improving this year, when midway through the season, he started running hard through first base, explaining to his coach that yes, he and dad were hard at work on the finer points. Logan was a good teammate, often sharing the ball with his teammates who hadn’t gotten a chance to field and throw the ball. He even came up with the suggestion that the team start a new post-game activity: chasing the coach into the outfield.

Minor Rookie - Coach of the Year: Mickey Rose

Mickey treated every player, parent and other teams with the utmost respect. He was great with every kid on the field, coached with passion and dedication, and kept his players engaged at all times. Mickey took his team from 3rd place this year to winning the Championship! Well done!

Minor Rookie - Player of the Year: Noah Reed

Noah has a natural ability with a great swing. He exemplifies team work, respect, and encouragement for others, and is an all-round talent. He came up huge for his team this year, making two double plays in the playoffs to help his team reach and win the finals. Noah will miss house league as he looks forward to playing rep ball next year.

Rookie - Coach of the Year: Terry Annis

Terry treated all players on his team with respect and encouragement. He has an excellent understanding of the game and is always equally supportive of all the boys on the team. Terry is a great example of Baseball Oshawa’s goals of developing sportsmanship, encouraging teamwork, and having fun.

Rookie – Co-Player of the Year: Finnley Peterson

Small but mighty, Finn is a quiet leader with a great attitude; a real pleasure to coach. Finn led his team to the A bracket championships, and his sportsmanship, maturity, and skill were a big reason for his team’s win. Finn possesses every tool you look for in a ball player, and was well-respected by his teammates.

Rookie – Co-Player of the Year: Ryan Macina

Ryan routinely knocks the cover off the ball so hard that his teammates and opponents learned quickly to pay attention when he was at the plate. Great speed and a reliable glove, but what's more though, is that he is an excellent teammate. Ryan's modesty, leadership and positive disposition set him apart from his peers; he showed up ready to play, was an absolute pleasure to coach.

Mosquito – Coach of the Year: Kevin Nippak

Kevin worked tirelessly and patiently this year with his team on fundamentals, he was always at games early for extra instruction and always stayed late to talk with parents. He was described by parents as making all of the kids feel valued and that they were part of something special. Kevin had encouraging words for the kids, knew each players strengths, and made each player feel like they were a vital part of the team.

Mosquito – Player of the Year: Gavin Trick

Gavin is a top-level athlete with a great attitude; tonight we’re recognizing him for a fantastic season in which he excelled as a pitcher and catcher, and at the plate, having hit 11 home runs. As described by one of his nominators: “He was friends with everyone and always had a smile. He would help others, and encourage teammates who were having a bad night. Great person, great athlete and great attitude!

Mosquito – Pitcher of the Year: Connor Pomeroy

Connor is an exceptional young man who plays with heart at all times. He is always encouraging to his team mates and is a consistent, all around great multi-positional player, who excels as a pitcher. He has a fearless approach on the mound that led him to have a great season not only as a starting pitcher, but also as an often called-on closer.

Peewee – Coach of the Year: Chris Traynor

Chris focused on teaching his team values like sportsmanship, communication, supporting each other and most importantly, having fun. Chris was positive with the team, provided great feedback and parents could see that he genuinely enjoyed watching the team come together. And as many of our coaches heard this year from parents, but certainly with Chris, “Hope to be part of your team next year!”

Peewee – Player of the Year: Alexei McKittrick

Alexei was a leader on the team, rallying the team to support each other, and help each other get better. A natural talent that just grew over the summer, each time he played he was able to take feedback and grow, with great sportsmanship! Alexei is versatile, able to play multiple positions easily. A very positive player who kept the team in good spirits regardless of the outcome.

Peewee – Pitcher of the Year: Nicholas Rasmussen

Nicholas had a successful season this year, and while recognized as a great player overall, he is being recognized tonight by his peers as an awesome pitcher who showed great sportsmanship this year.

Bantam - Coach of the Year: Corey Cormier

Corey took a great group of kids who started the year at the bottom of the standings and coached them to a successful season, giving everyone a chance to thrive. He committed fully to helping each individual player, provided detailed feedback, and ever-present encouragement to players.

Bantam – Player of the Year: Andrew Thompson

Andrew had a great season this year, coming on in the second half of the season to pitch 7 shutout innings and an on-base percentage of over .750. More importantly he had a positive attitude and demonstrated great sportsmanship in leading his teammates to a successful season.

Bantam – Pitcher of the Year: Nathan Tyler

Nathan was his team’s ace, and though he was a good all-around player with a big bat and aggressive base running, he was dominant on the mound and always brought a vibrant energy and enthusiasm to pitching. Frequently unhittable, he never seemed to get rattled on the mound and his skills improved noticeably throughout the season.