As a spectator observing the Oshawa AAA Rep Baseball 8U team play their first ever set of games against the Whitby team am at a loss to comprehend the disgusting attitude displayed by the Whitby coaches (and their players) compared to those of the Oshawa and Ajax teams.

This is just a game where children should be enjoying and having fun while learning the basics of baseball, team spirit and respect for their opposing team members, while building on their baseball skills and not attitude.

Why is it that the Whitby coaches are allowed to have their players shout “CHIEFS” each time a ball is pitched to the opposing teams. This is in fact a deliberate distraction. I may also be a bit too observant on this, but their players are also positioned directly in line of the opposing base runners. As well, what's with the coaches loud unnecessary shouting each time a ball is hit by the opposing team. This is a distraction to the kids running the bases.

Of course parents enjoy cheering