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Congratulations to our 2021 House League Award Winners

By Admin, 11/27/21, 10:15AM EST


There were smiles all around Monday night.

That's because the annual Baseball Oshawa Awards night was hosted Monday, Nov. 22, at the Courtyard Marriott in Oshawa.

We handed out dozens of awards to the deserving 2021 House League winners. Below is a list of the winners — please join Baseball Oshawa in congratulating the best of the best! 

Here are your 2021 House League Award Winners

There were smiles all around Monday night.

That's because the annual Baseball Oshawa Awards night was hosted Monday, Nov. 22, at the Courtyard Marriott in Oshawa.

We handed out dozens of awards to the deserving 2021 House League winners. Below is a list of the winner — please join Baseball Oshawa in congratulating the best of the best! 

(Pictures of the winners are linked to each award winner, just click the blue lettering. A link to downloadable images will be delivered to all house league participants)




Tee-Ball TIE Top Female - Sloane Bailey and Lillie Johnson

This player had a contagious enthusiasm and positive attitude, a real team player. Congratulations to Sloane Bailey.

This player stuck out on her team for always having her head in the game, being one of the first to the ball with consistent hustle, and mastering the basics. Congratulations to Lillie Johnson.

Tee-Ball Coach of the Year - Chris Gray

This coach went above and beyond to make the experience great for the kids, always extremely prepared, engaged and patient. Congratulations to Coach Chris Gray.

Tee-Ball Player of the Year - Hunter Marshall

He was a little nervous at the beginning of the season, but he was fielding and hitting the ball very well by the end. Congratulations to Hunter Marshall.

Tee-Ball Most Improved Player - Ethan Cedeno

This player showed tremendous growth this season, speedy as ever and with an improving knowledge of the game. By the end of the season, he was working with his teammates and showing them proper spacing. Congratulations to Ethan Cedeno.

Tee-Ball Top Teammate - Lucy Orton

This player was the life of the team, always making everyone laugh as the team cheerleader. She loved playing and, after fielding the ball, often gave it to her teammates to throw to first. Congratulations to Lucy Orton. 


Tyke Top Female - Maisy Smith

In her first year of house league, she was a force on the diamond and showed all she picked up after watching her brother play for the last 4 years. She was a star at the plate and in the field, a great sport, always working hard, and always willing to learn new skills. Congratulations to Maisy Smith. 

TIE Tyke Coach of the Year - John Bell and Kristin Hurst

As a duo, these coaches are amazing with the kids both on and off the field and really took the time to teach the skills of the game. Words nominators used to describe them: awesome, patient, engaging, fair, encouraging, outstanding. Congratulations to Coaches John Bell and Kristin Hurst.

Tyke Player of the Year - Griffin Lesch

This player is solid all-around: a consistent batter, good base runner, with a strong arm and tons of passion. He showed steady improvement through the season, always staying after games to practice with his dad. Congratulations to Griffin Lesch. 

TIE Tyke Most Improved - Evan Macina and Aayden Burke

This player showed a tremendous amount of growth in his first year of playing organized baseball. He ended up winning 2 of the 3 skills at the pitch hit and run team contest. It was amazing to see him grow and develop into a confident player and teammate. Congratulations to Evan Macina. 

This player went from being a shy kid on the team who didn't want to go on the field to one of the happiest kids running the bases. When his bat connected with the ball, his whole face lit up. His batting really improved by the end of the season. Congratulations to Aayden Burke. 

Tyke Top Teammate - Kaleb Brown

This player showed up to his team's first practice 'shot out of a cannon' and kept that positive energy all year. The gentle giant of his team, he was quick to celebrate efforts, whether his team's or his opponents', and was a pleasure to have on the field. Congratulations to Kaleb Brown. 


Rookie Top Female - Vaida Farr

This player stepped up and played catcher when her team needed it, and came to every game with a great attitude. She was the first person to cheer on her teammates and was often heard offering suggestions on defence. Congratulations to Vaida Farr.

Rookie Coach of the Year - David Winters 

This coach's care and inclusiveness led to an excellent experience for his team across the board this summer. The difference in the kids from the first game to the last was incredible, as numerous nominators confirmed, and it translated into a really fun year with many smiles. Congratulations to David Winters.  

Rookie Player of the Year - Marcus Vincelli 

This player made a huge advancement in all areas of the game, from the season's beginning to end. He was strong at the plate, made some great defensive plays and was his team's loudest cheerleader. A leader by example. Congratulations to Marcus Vincelli.

TIE Rookie Most Improved - Chris Shank and Liam Trewin 

This player started the year never having played baseball before and, by the end of the season, with a lot of hard work, was one of the best players on the team. Congratulations to Chris Shank.

This player may have shied away from the ball at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the season was a sure hit almost every time. Congratulations to Liam Trewin. 

Rookie Top Teammate - Harry Scero

An outstanding player, he could often be heard cheering on his teammates, and offering encouragement for the newbies on the team. If you need someone to start a cheer, Harry's your guy. Congratulations to Harry Scero. 


Mosquito Top Female - Kate Cowtan

This player showed great courage and growth in persevering throughout the season. She was a positive presence on her team, cheering on teammates and ready to play wherever needed. Congratulations to Kate Cowtan.

Mosquito Coach of the Year - Ryan March

This coach was committed to his players, with a big emphasis on sportsmanship and development. He made sure everyone had a shot at pitching, and as the team matured, they carried that resilience into becoming House League champions. Congratulations to Ryan March.

Mosquito Player of the Year - Keith Gravelle

This player was dominant from the season's beginning to the end, working hard all summer to improve. A great teammate and a solid pitcher's resilience and effort contributed to his team's great showing this year. Congratulations to Keith Gravelle. 

Mosquito Pitcher of the Year - Romeo Ramcharitrar

This player turned heads each time he took the mound. Although his team didn't make the playoffs, he was called up for his pitching skills and contributed to a second place finish for his adopted team. Congratulations to Romeo Ramcharitrar.

Mosquito Most Improved - Benjamin Jones

This player improved in all areas of the game throughout the season from hitting, running and fielding. He went from missing ball after ball to hitting triples and making double plays! Congratulations to Benjamin Jones.

Mosquito Top Teammate - Aaron Daniels

This player was a positive presence on the field, showed great heart and spirit as his team "organizer," leading his team in cheers. Congratulations to Aaron Daniels.



Peewee Flo Hall Award Top Girl

Hana Muryama

This individual is a strong athlete with a great attitude, a role model for younger players. At one particular game, the umpire, seeing her skill, asked if she would consider pursuing baseball farther—telling her about her incredible potential. A leader on the field, she routinely had parents on both sides of the diamond commenting on her ability, positive attitude, and knowledge of the game. One nominator said, "she gives the boys a run for their money," but many more commented that, as a pitcher and a teammate, she was the standard those boys should aspire to be. Congratulations to Hana Muryama.

Chris Traynor Award (Coach of the Year)

Adam Chaudhary and Kevin Nippak

At the Peewee level, the Coach of the Year Award has special meaning for Baseball Oshawa and House League. At our last awards night in 2019, we had the pleasure of recognizing Chris Traynor for his involvement with his son Joey's team that year as head coach. Chris was a model coach for many years with Baseball Oshawa. He epitomized what we look for in a coach: dedicated, skilled, caring, and, yes, funny. We are honoured to have Loretta Traynor with us tonight as we present the Chris Traynor Award for House League's Peewee Coach of the Year. This year, the award goes to two very deserving coaches.  

Our first coach has been a consistently positive presence, and though he can't make it tonight, I will point out that he's started to really develop a fan club and is a great example for other HL coaches to follow. He's described in glowing terms by his nominators, with a consistent focus on engaging the kids and having fun at all times. Congratulations to Kevin Nippak (not able to attend tonight).

In his first year as a baseball head coach, this coach, led by example, was a great inspiration to his team, always positive, encouraging, and prepared. He focused on improving skills from top to bottom, and his team took the championship at the end of the year. Congratulations to Adam Chaudhary.

TIE Peewee Player of the Year - Kaden Benoit and Hana Muryama

This player gave 100% at every game, encouraged her teammates and led by example. She was given the opportunity to pitch for the first time and just kept getting better, developing what many called the best fastball in the league. Congratulations to Hana Muryama.

His coach couldn't say enough about the positive and coachable attitude he possesses. A most reliable player, highly skilled in every aspect of the game with a dangerous bat, and always encouraging his teammates. Congratulations to Kaden Benoit.

Peewee Pitcher of the Year - Isaiah Batista Dos Santos

In his 2nd year of pitching, this player rose to the level of a premier pitcher among his peers, with speed, control, intensity and composure. And to go along with it, an absolutely fantastic and coachable attitude. Congratulations to Isaiah Batista Dos Santos.

Peewee Most Improved - Nicolas Sanocki

This player has always been dependable both at bat and on the field, but he established himself as a "feared" batter this season. At one point, his coach started warning opposing 3rd basemen to be ready because he was hitting it that hard. Congratulations to Nicolas Sanocki.

Peewee Top Teammate - Everett Chaudhary

This player was the youngest player on the team, and his commitment to improving definitely showed in how his skills developed over the season — a well-deserved recognition to a great teammate. Congratulations to Everett Chaudhary. 



Bantam Top Female - Claire Delville

This player was solid with the bat and in the field, all year and willingly accepted playing any position needed. A great competitor and teammate, she encouraged and advised her teammates, seemed to thrive as games wore on, and played a key role pitching and catching for the team. With a solid baseball IQ and a good understanding of pitch selection, she was an inspiring and enthusiastic presence to all her teammates. Congratulations to Claire Delville.   

Bantam Coach of the Year - Rod Fitchett 

This coach gave constant encouragement and support to all players and did a great job this year to keep his team engaged. His approach resulted in a close-knit team that had a lot of fun. Congratulations to Rod Fitchett.

Bantam Player of the Year - Nick Rasmussen

This player was a fierce competitor and was respected by opposing players for his skill and competitiveness: a great pitcher, catcher and overall teammate. Congratulations to Nick Rasmussen. 

Bantam Pitcher of the Year - Miguel Franco de Sa

This individual has only played baseball for 4 years. He has gone from throwing a baseball for the first time on a beach in Brazil 4 years ago to pitching with an arsenal of fastball, curveball and a slider. An amazing show of dedication and skill. Congratulations to Miguel Franco de Sa. 

Bantam Most Improved - Jordan Smith

This player only picked up a glove two years ago but spent all his spare time pushing to get better and was able to pitch at the end of the season — a great example of determination and drive. Congratulations to Jordan Smith. 

Bantam Top Teammate - Mitchell Duncan

This player was his team's best offensive player, had great speed on the base paths, and could play multiple positions at a very high level. He was always there to pick up teammates, and no matter the score, he could be counted on to be upfront, giving advice or cheering on each play. Congratulations to Mitchell Duncan. 

House League Volunteer of the Year – Ryan March

This person has coached for years now within the Baseball Oshawa House League program. He very clearly puts his heart into the game and the experience of his players. He is respected by parents and players alike for providing all players with opportunities (even pitching). This year, he stepped forward to join Baseball Oshawa as the House League Mosquito Convenor and demonstrated a consistent willingness to ensure the league ran as smoothly as possible. In addition to this, he has joined the coaching staff of our Select 11U team for 2022. We appreciate his involvement, and we look forward to continuing to work with Ryan to build the House League and Select programs. Congratulations to our House League Volunteer of the Year, Ryan March.

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