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2019 Baseball Oshawa Rep Award Winners

By Admin, 11/23/19, 10:45PM EST


Congratulations to all our Rep Teams for a memorable 2019 season. Hats off to the Oshawa Junior Legionaires for winning the first ever national championship for an Oshawa team!

2019 Rep Awards

Congratulations to all our Rep Teams for a memorable 2019 season. Hats off to the Oshawa Junior Legionaires for winning the first ever national championship for an Oshawa team!

MINOR ROOKIE BALL AAA  Head Coach – John Phillips

Brock did not have a lot of experience when he joined the team last fall. The coaching staff weren’t quite sure where to slot him defensively and, like the rest of his teammates, played in a few different spots over the season. He seemed to find a spot at Catcher and had a solid season there.  What distinguished Brock’s season from all the other fine work done by his teammates was that, as a catcher at this level, he caught 5 foul fly balls for outs. At this level, one would be considered great.

He had a very consistent approach and was in the top 2 or 3 of all Team  offensive categories. His Batting average was .654 leading the team. What distinguished Emmett’s season from all the other fine work done by his teammates was that he did not strike out at all for the entire season.

Will had some experience when he joined the team last fall. It was apparent that he had a lot of physical ability but not a lot of knowledge on how the game flows. We tried him in a few different places throughout the season and almost always put in an excellent performance.   
Will had an excellent season on both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. As the season progressed, his grasp of concepts and his game awareness grew exponentially. He was one of the top three in all the categories we measured and is the fastest 8 year olds.

Major Rookie A  Head Coach Dave Rees

Gold Glove Brody Latimer
Brody is an excellent fielder and can play any position on the infield. This was Brody's first year in Rep ball and he worked hard all season to get better at his fielding. With Brody at shortstop for most of the year he was able to turn double plays and consistently was able too get runners out. Brody also had excellent range and accuracy from anywhere on the diamond as he had a couple of outfield assists.

Batting Champion  Tyson Rees
Tyson batting average for the season was .694 Tyson could be counted on for a big hit when we needed it but also he would drive in runs when it counted the most, Tyson worked hard on his swing all year and would stay late after practice to work on his hitting. Tyson led the team in batting avg, hits and triples.

MVP Tyson Rees
Tyson is a 2 time winner of this award. Tyson can play all positions on the diamond and is always ready to make bid plays. Tyson is also a great teammate as he was always cheering on his teammates and helping the coaches any way he could. As batting champion this year Tyson had an outstanding year in the field and at the plate working hard at practice to get better as a player.

ROOKIE BALL AAA – Head Coach Sandy Bailey

Gold Glove – Evan “Pancakes” Service
Once again this season, Evan was a wizard with his glove, making the routine plays look easy, and turning seemingly impossible plays into outs.  Whether at shortstop, or anchoring the outfield in centre, Evan was our rock.  His versatility and willingness to play whatever position the team needed led not just to our team’s success, but to his own growth as a player.  Evan has a great combination of range, silky smooth hands, and very high baseball IQ, all of which allow him to consistently be in the right place at the right time to make the play.

Silver Stick/Best Hitter – Tanner “Gibby” Gibson
Following a Minor Rookie campaign in which he was one of the most feared hitters in the EOBA, Tanner faced defenses who adjusted for him, playing way back and overloading to the left side.  Tanner changed his swing and approach. He led the team in hits, RBI, home runs, and extra base hits.

MVP – Evan Service and Tanner Gibson
The true measure of a great player is their ability to make the players around them better.  It’s extremely rare to find this kind of leadership, particularly at the Rookie age, however our team was fortunate to have two such players – Tanner Gibson, and Evan Service.  Our team’s focus was on the things that we can control  Attitude and Effort  and both Tanner and Evan led by example: always showing maximum effort, and incredible, teamfirst attitudes.  When players were feeling down, they were always the first to pick them up.  When the team needed a big hit or a defensive play, it was often one of them.
Minor Mosquito A    Head Coach: Andrew Passarelli
Gold Glove award: Ben Harnum
As our primary catcher, this young talent was one of a few we relied on to play every other position on the diamond. With his strong arm behind the plate, other teams thought twice before trying to steal a base…those who didn’t learned the hard way!

Batting champion: Christopher Passarelli
During our EOBA regular season, Christopher had a .500 average and a .741 on base percentage. A true contact hitter that saw the ball very well resulting in only 3 k’s.  He always managed to find the hole in the gap or dropping a bunt down the line to get his team that key base hit. His most memorable hit was at this years OBA’s in which he hit a bases clearing triple that busted the game wide open helping his team secure the win in their 1st game of the tournament.

Best Pitcher: Kaydn McPherson
With the introduction to pitching this year, this young pitcher was one of a few we relied upon once the season started. While stats weren’t recorded, we were always able to count on him as a starter or to bail us out of trouble in relief.

MVP: Carter Fitzgerald
Considered for the other 3 awards as well, this years nominee was an easy one. He dominated as a pitcher, put up huge numbers offensively and played great defense as a 1st baseman as well. His most memorable moment came in our last game of the EOBA season in which he went 5/5 with 2 doubles and a huge 3 run homer recording 10 rbi’s in that game.

Minor Mosquito  AAA – Head Coach Jason Bourque

Gold Glove Award —Liam Ingram
Liam continued his great defensive progress again this season. Using his vast knowledge of the game and constant drive to learn more, Liam was stellar all over the field. Regardless of where he found himself playing from game to game, Liam always performed at a high level with 100% effort on every play. He is a leader on the field sharing his knowledge whenever he can with his teammates.

Silver Slugger Award  Batting Champion – Brady Whiteman
Brady took an off season challenge and came out swinging this season. He worked hard during the season to keep improving his approach at the plate. Brady was among our team leaders in BA hitting .370 he also led our  team in extra base hits and RBI's . He finished the season as our hitting spark plug driving in big runs and piling up the extra base hits.

Top Pitcher – Connor Bourque
In his first year of pitching Connor showed confidence and leadership on the mound. He was eager to take the ball in our toughest situations throughout the season. Showing he could pitch against the toughest AAA competition.

MVP – Larson Nichols
For our 3rd straight season Larson was spectacular in all aspects  of the game.  Whether it was being a leader with the bat, glove, on the base paths or on the mound Larson always came to play and led by example . His drive to succeed personally was only overshadowed by his willingness to do anything he could for the team’s success. Larson showed his abilities having his best performance of the season during the Troy May Memorial Tournament against teams a year older. He pitched, hit and played his best defense looking as strong as anyone on the field.

Mosquito A  Head Coach:  Brian Weatherbee
Gold Glove Award Jake Weatherbee
This is Jake’s first award with Baseball Oshawa.  Year over year he has improved his defensive play at second base and worked extremely hard in practice.  The results definitely translated to the games where he committed very few errors and was very dependable in tense game situations.

Batting Champion – Logan McIlwaine
In 85 plate appearances, Logan managed to record a .366 average and a .500 on base percentage.  His seven extra base hits carried the team to success with key RBIs when they were needed most.  With 27 runs scored and 21 RBIs in 31 games, Logan was a top offensive asset for our team.

Emmerson Bates
This is Emmerson’s second consecutive Top Pitcher award.  Coming off a hugely successful 2018 season, Emmerson worked extremely hard to increase his fastball velocity and the results were very impressive.  Whether he got the start or it was a relief appearance, “Batesy” was always shuttin’ the door for his team!  

MVP – Cooper Robertson
For the 2019 season, Cooper emerged as very complete player.  He finished near the top of every offensive category, including a .422 average in 34 games.  On the offensive side of the stats, he managed to lead the team in hits with 35, RBIs with 30, and extra base hits with 9.  “Coop” emerged as a dependable first baseman and left fielder and built on his role as one of our true ace pitchers of the team; not to mention he always got the team fired up.

Mosquito AAA  Head Coach Scott Lee
Gold Glove Award   Owen Bayes
Owen was a steady fixture in our infield. Whether at second base or catching Owen could always be counted on to get in front any ball that came his way. Smooth hands and aggressive approach to anything hit his way is why Owen is our Gold Glove Winner.

Batting Champion:  Ty Harnum
Ty was an intimidating presence to opponents every time he stepped into the box. Ty's exit velocity was well over 60 mph which is amazing for his age. Ty hit for power and for average. So fierce as a hitter he was intentionally walked and had the shift put on him in our EOBA play downs. Ty finished the year with a .460 average.

Top Pitcher  Easton Gauthier  
Easton was our most dependable and consistent all year. He led the team in ERA and appearances. Easton faced our top competition and was dominant. His ability to master the change up is what led to his success. He kept all his batters off balance with great control.

MVP  Ty Harnum
Catcher, shortstop, Pitcher, and occasionally an outfielder Ty Harnum did it all. As already stated he led the team in hitting. Ty was the catcher in big games. He always came prepared to play and wanted to win. He grew immensely as a leader.

Minor Peewee AA   Head Coach Shane Gillies
Gold Glove: Caden WilliamsonThere is very little that can phase Caden.  He is a sure handed short stop that is willing to go to any measure to track, stop and field a ball.  Caden presents patience for fielding when the play dictates it and can fire one from deep within the hole with precision when required.

Batting: Quinntin Gillies
This is Quinntin’s fourth consecutive batting title.  He was able to overcome a midseason wrist fracture, just in time to participate in Cooperstown.  During Quinntin’s third at bat back from injury he crushed a ball deep to center field for his first of two homeruns that week.  His final stats included a batting average of .420 with 34 hits, 8 doubles, 1 triple and two homeruns while accumulating 23 RBI’s in limited appearances.

Top Pitcher: Erik Maki is a dominant lefty on the mound.  Outside of Cooperstown, Eric pitched 34.1 innings going 42 throughout the year giving up 23 hits 7 earned runs for a whopping 1.44 ERA all while striking out 43.  Erik’s pitching baffled most teams and that was very apparent during his two Brampton tournament wins as well as the dominant performance over Markham in the OBAs where he was able to secure the team with a win.

MVP: This is Landen Stevens' second consecutive MVP award.  He was truly in a class of his own dominating in all aspects of the game.  Hitting in the four spot he would crush balls at will posting a .400 plus batting average leading the team in many offensive categories including doubles (12), Triples (4), RBI’s (48), Runs (40) as well as stolen bases (30).  Offensively Landen’s big moment came at Jim Lutton Field where he was able to drill a ball over the center field fence for a grand slam against Clarington.  On the Pitching end Landen is a hard throwing righty who went 62 for the season striking 75 for the year.   

Minor Peewee A – Coach Adrian Kentish
Gold Glove Award Jacob Whiteman
Jacob was one of our most versatile players this year.  He was one of our more reliable pitchers and was our starting 3rd baseman. His strong arm and vast range attributed to a great deal of our team’s accomplishments on the field. Jacob has a lot of baseball knowledge and is able to easily track and attack the ball, making seamless plays on base.

Batting Champion Chase Mielke
Chase had a great year at the plate hitting .395, with 20 hits, and 32 stolen bases. His ability to get on base was a huge asset in the playoffs where he got 6 walks and 6 stolen bases scoring all 6 times. Chase's ability to make contact and get on base made him an easy choice for our batting champion.
Top Pitcher Jonah Church
Jonah has a great ability to throw a mean fastball then mix it up with a changeup or curve ball. This as well as his calm attitude on the mound earned him the most strikeouts on the team. He also led the team in innings pitched with 62, and ERA. Jonah had a key appearance in the playoffs this season, pitching a great game vs Quinte which gave us a 7-4 win. Jonah’s pitching and attitude are no surprise that he’s moved up to play with the AA team for their 2020 season.
MVP Tobey Skopelianos
Statistically Tobey was near the top of almost every offensive category, while he mainly played a great shortstop, he also filled in wherever needed on defence.  Tobey finished second in batting .438, as well as second in hits with 24. The dedication this kid has to his sport and his team in one in a million.

Pee Wee A – Head Coach Dave Marshall    
Gold Glove Award  Nicholas Marshall    
BIO: This will be Nicholas’s second Gold Glove in 3 years. Spending most of his time at second base, this year Nicholas was moved over to shortstop and didn’t disappoint. His soft hands and good footwork helped make him our most reliable fielder.

Batting Champion – Nicholas Marshall
Bio: Surprising us this year, Nicholas was outstanding at the plate. Leading his team with a  .442 ave; 23 RBIs; .465 slg; 38 hits and just 8 strike outs with 99 plate appearances. When he got on base he also made things happen stealing a team leading 32 bases and scoring 24 runs.
Top Pitcher – Cole Catherwood
Bio: Cole spent much of his offseason in the arm care program working on strength, balance and endurance. It paid off this year as we relied on Cole in most of our big games. Cole led the team in innings pitched and wins. He also led the team with 44 Ks. In our Semi Final EOBA game Cole pitched 6 innings allowing just 2 earned runs with 3 Ks. Although we ended up being walked off 4-3 in the 7th; Cole gave us a chance to win like he always did.

MVP – Liam Scott
Bio: Liam was a huge addition to our team this season. He was at or near the top in every offensive and defensive category. At the plate he batted .351 with 17 RBIs. On the mound he pitched 32 innings and had a team low ERA. Perhaps where we relied on Liam most was behind the plate where he caught over 76 innings. Liam is a multitalented position player who always tried his hardest in any position we asked of him.

Peewee AAA Head Coach – Shawn Earle
This player was once again leaned on heavily by the coaching staff to play a big role behind the plate in 2019for the Legionaires.  From pitch calling to blocking he continues to work hard at his craft.  He commits himself and his body to his team every single pitch all season long.  Catching 128 total innings, Preston only allowed 3 passed balls and threw out 11 base runners from behind the dish.  

2019 was another memorable season  at the plate for Payton.  With 132 plate appearances he managed to produce 53 total hits with 35 singles, 14 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 homeruns, hitting for an average of 0.445 on the season.  Payton has once again shown to be one of the prolific hitters in the EOBA/TBA interlock loop at the AAA level. .

Carson found himself on the mound this year in a lot of meaningful moments for the 2006 AAA Legionaires.  Whether he was pitching in the regular season , Elims or OBA’s, he was counted on in some big games. From starting to relieving, he came in and shut teams down.  He always brought his competitive nature to the bump with 37 innings pitched and 692 pitches thrown he produced 36 strike outs while facing a total of 186 batters

From offense to defense, Payton found himself near or at the top of every statistical category this season.  From winter workouts to OBA’s, Payton stepped up for the 2006 AAA Legionaires in every area of the game.  Not only was he impressive at the plate, he was just as impressive on the mound and in center field.  Whether he was hitting rockets, throwing gas on the mound, or throwing runners out on the bases, he always gave his best effort each and every day on the field.  His teammates looked at him as one of the leaders on the field all year. Payton truly demonstrates leadership, commitment, and dedication to his team each and every day.

MINOR BANTAM AAA  Head Coach Chris Ewart
Hard work and determination turned Zach into one of our most reliable defensive weapons this year. Starting the season as a RightFielder, Zach quickly worked his way all around the diamond and kept the team in games with outstanding defence in the outfield, at 3rd base and 1st base. His strong arm and lightning fast speed helped Zach extend his range and make fantastic plays look routine on a regular basis.

Keegan was one of a few batters that could always be counted on to find a way on base. Even when he’d get out, he’d find a way to make something happen to advance runners and score runs. His 34 RBIs were proof of that. Keegan’s hard work in the cage all offseason and inseason helped him lead our team in both batting average at .351 and onbase percentage at .558. Hilite of the year was his 2 out walkoff homerun in the EOBA Finals to secure Gold for us and a trip to the OBAs.

Ethan McIlwaine and Carter Lamb were both equally deserving and were as solid a onetwo punch as you can ask for in baseball at any level. Power Arm, Ethan McIlwaine, dominated batters with his overpowering fastball and slider, and struck out 50 of the 182 batters faced while only allowing 31 hits in 42.1 innings pitched.  By contrast, Carter Lamb, a crafty lefty, added 13mph over the winter and perfected a devastating curveball that left batters with buckled knees. He averaged only 14 pitches per inning, facing 176 batters over 41.2 innings.  In the weeklong Boston Summer Series Tournament, where the two each threw back to back complete games. Their combined 4 complete games led to both of them being named to the All Tournament Team.

What can you say about a kid like Jonah. He works his butt off all season and all winter and it shows. Jonah emerged as one of the true leaders on the team and his hard work has turned him into a fierce competitor that will do anything for the team to win.  He’s an intimidating force to other teams but is also the kid on the bench with the biggest smile on his face.

Midget A Head Coach – Greg Booker:
Midget A   Batting Champ: Bryson Calvo
As our lead off hitter, Bryson led the team in many offensive categories. He finished the season with a team best .386 AVG and a .495 OBP. Finishing second in doubles and a team high 4 triples he had a slugging percentage of .530 and a team high OPS of 1.025. Bryson also batted a team high .571 with runners in scoring position.

Gold Glove: Bryson Calvo
Aside from pitching in a number of games, Bryson patrolled Center Field this year for the Midget team. Not only did he commit a team low in errors but had over 30 put outs in the field, many of them in a spectacular fashion. Bryson also had 5 outfield assists this season, 2 being incredible throws to home.

Top Pitcher: Tavish McMillan
Throughout the season, the ball seems to always be given to one or two people when facing the toughest teams and challenges, Tav was one of those guys we gave the ball to. Tavish led the team in appearances and was second in innings pitched before he went down with an injury. Starting off batters with a first pitch strike 60% of the time was key in helping Tav lead the team in strikeouts, whiffing a third of the 155 batters he faced.

MVP: Cobe Pantaleo
Cobe was a team leader this year, both offensively and defensively. Not only was he incredibly competitive but seemed to always have fun doing it! Dancing up to the plate with his walk up song, Cobe had incredible numbers. .323 avg, .470 obp, .538 slg,  Cobe was always providing that offensive spark when needed.
Not only did he cover the field flawlessly, Cobe was our workhorse on the mound. He led the team in innings pitched, runs against average and batters faced per inning.

Oshawa Legionaires  Head Coach Tony Quick
15U Elite Gold Glove Award Luke Torrance FLDG PCT. 1.000
Luke made the move from the infield to the outfield in 2019 and his coach could not have been happier. Luke solidified the outfield with his play in centerfield. Luke made the transition seamlessly, as he did not make an error the entire season. He accomplished this with his athleticism and aggressive play in centerfield. His strong arm also kept would be base runners from taking extra bases.

Batting Champion Michael Quick .324
Michael began the season on a torrid pace, leading the EBLO for the months of May and June. He remained at the top of team batting for the entire season.  Michael was usually providing the spark at the top of the order when the offense was rolling. Not only was he getting his hits, he was effective in getting runners in scoring position and cashing in runners, leading the team in sac bunt plus sac flies. Michael struck out only 5 times in 134 plate appearances.

Top Pitcher Braeden Lewis
2.39 ERA, 1.158 WHIP, 61 innings pitched
Braeden was team’s anchor on the mound. He led the team in wins and innings pitched and was always willing and able to take the ball when asked upon. His three and a third innings of scoreless baseball, allowing his team time to come back against Quebec in the Canadian Championships was a highlight of the year.

MVP Luke Torrance
The MVP for the 2019 15U Elite Legionaires is Luke Torrance. Luke made huge strides with his defensive play, moving from the infield to the outfield. He solidified the entire team with his steady and often outstanding play. They say being solid up the middle is important for any team defense, for the 15U team, in 2019 defense started with Luke.
Not only was Luke important defensively he provided the power at the top of the order all season long. Luke was near the top of all offensive categories for the Legionaires. First in homeruns, first in triples, first in doubles, first in runs scored, third in RBI, second in OPS and first in slugging.

Oshawa Legionaires Elite 16U Head Coach Daryl Macklem
Gold Glove Award Cody Hefford
Sure hands and intelligence helped set Cody apart from his peers. His sure hands helped him to have a .963 fielding percentage. His quick hands and lightning quick release helped him turn 9 double plays. His high baseball IQ  was like having a coach on the field and was crucial when protecting leads late in the game. Whether it was ranging up the middle or into the hole he always knew the correct play to make before he fielded the ball. Cody made just 4 errors on 106 chances, the best amongst infielders and well deserving as this year's Top Defensive Player
Silver Slugger Award  Batting Champion Colin Cymbalista
Colin had an incredible 2019 at the plate as he challenged .400 all summer long. He fell just short leading the team with .395 average. If you wanted power he had that as well, hitting 6 home runs, 5 of which came in the playoffs, 18 extra base hits and 41 RBI in just 42 games, leading the team in all of those categories. Whenever there was a Legionaires rally Colin and his 1.174 OPS were involved in it somewhere and is this year's Silver Slugger.
Top Pitcher and MVP Tyler Robichaud
122, 1.08 ERA, 64.2 IP, 52 K
Every good team needs an ace and this year the Legionaires had one of the best in the province. Tyler was the leader of the pitching staff winning 8 starts, with 2 complete game shutouts, and picking up another 4 wins in relief. A calm cool composure helped him in pressure situations. Described by one scout as 16 going on 25 due to his mound presence, the bigger the game the better he pitched! As a callup to the 18u team, where he went 20, with a 1.04 ERA Tyler finished 2019 with an incredible 142 record and an ERA just over ONE.  Offensively Tyler finished 2nd on the team with a .346 Average while leading the team with 38 runs scored. He was 3rd on the team with 29 RBI and was dominant of both sides of the ball putting together an outstanding season.

Oshawa Legionaires 18U Elite Head Coach Jamie May
 18U Elite Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) —Jake Lockyer
Jake is a back to back gold glove award winner.  As a catcher, Jake is the premier blocker in the league. Pitchers are confident that they can throw any pitch, in any count and Jake will be able to handle it.
Silver Slugger Award  Batting Champion Jacob Miller
Despite being the youngest player in the league, Jacob hit .382 while leading the 18U league with 47 RBIs and 4 homeruns. Jake also led the league with 18 extra base hits and had an other worldly 1.099 OPS as a 15 year old in an elite 18U league.
Top Pitcher Ryan Laird
110, 2.21 ERA, 54IP, 52K's
Ryan came back to the Legionaires after a season away and immediately stepped back in as the ace. He had signature wins over Team Ontario 18U and the future elimination champions Etobicoke Rangers 18U while leading the 1st place Legionaries in wins, innings pitched and strikeouts.
MVP Carter Arbuthnot
Statistically Carter was near the top of nearly every offensive category, while playing great infield defence and contributing from the mound as a member of the pitching staff. Carter had 4 wins with 2 saves on the mound. His ability to throw strikes and work at a good pace kept his team in all the games he pitched in. Carter led the EBLO in batting average with a .396, was tied for first in the ELBO with his teammate Jacob Miller in hits with 42 and only struck out 4 times in 134 plate appearances.  Carter's abilities on offence and defence helped his team finish first in the EBLO 18U Premier Division.

Junior Legionaires Head  Coach Scott Cawker
Gold Glove: Evan Magill
Our top defensive player quite simply plays each and every game flat out.  Every championship team must have a skilled catcher and that’s where Evan comes in.  Evan is a fearless blocker that stops the opponent’s running game with a strong and accurate arm.  Evan’s strong receiving builds total confidence in our pitching staff and he adds an extremely competent offensive component as a complete player.

Top Pitcher and Batting Champion: Aaron Sprague
Aaron takes a rather unconventional swing and pitching motion and simply makes them work. Aaron didn’t exhibit a tremendous amount of power but still led the team in batting average with a .387 mark spraying base hits all over the field. On the mound Aaron’s old school pitching motion had a lot of moving parts but baffled opponents to the tune of a miniscule 0.66 ERA and 6 wins including being the pitcher of record against Quebec in the gold medal game at the National Championship.

Most Valuable Player: Quin McLane
Quin initially came to us as a pitcher only but once we saw him swing a bat it was obvious that he needed to continue doing so. Quin hit for average and power banging out 6 homers, 7 doubles and a triple on the way to a sound .327 average.  Quin led the team in RBI with 29 and was a defensive stalwart at first base.  Add 3 wins on the bump and the well rounded Quin McLane was our MVP.

Senior Umpire of the Year: Matt Robinson
Junior Umpire of the Year: Carter Lamb
Rep Coach of the Year: Scott Cawker
Association Rep Volunteer of the Year: Aaron Marshall
Association House League Volunteer of the Year: Scott Dennis