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Minor Rookie Ball Player of the Year
Ashton Chamberlain – Dodgers

Rookie Ball Player of the Year
Josh Graham – Red Sox

Mosquito Player of the Year
Ryan Magrath – Dodgers

Peewee Player of the Year
Cole Boucher – Angels

Bantam Player of the Year
Evan Hurtibese – Rangers

Midget Player of the Year
Michael McMartin – Nationals

 – Presented by Scott Arbuthnot & Coach
Minor Rookie Ball Legionaires – Coach Mike Hunter

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) 
Quinten Earle
Quinten played a solid second base for the minor rookie team this year.  He had great range with soft hands.  Quinten took his game to the next level during the OBA finals with many spectacular catches and plays  earning him the name "vacuum cleaner".  

Batting  Champion
 - Payton Rickards
Payton hit clean up for the minor rookie team this year.  Coming to the plate with confidence with every at bat.  In 93 at bats Payton hit an outstanding .720 with 21 Doubles, 6 Triples, and 2 homeruns and 49 RBI's.

Devon Ouwehand
Devon played a solid short and third for the minor rookie team this year.  Devon was a leader in the infield this year playing both short and third.  Devon had great range and one of the strongest arms on the team.  Devon also hit .687 batting average and came through with many big hits when the team needed them the most.



Rookie Ball Legionaires – Coach Jay Ashwin

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) – Josh Ashwin
Josh is a true baseball kid that just loves to go out and play. His head for the game and quick, defensive talent epitomize the Gold Glove Award and make him a natural fit to receive it. Coaches lost count of how many double plays he turned or was a part of this year. Josh is the kid that always wants the ball hit his way when the game’s on the line.

Batting Champion – Carson Durnin
Carson led the Major Rookies this year with an outstanding .803 batting average. His 57 for 71 record was topped only by his 27 Runs and 30 RBIs as well as the fact that this was only his first year of rep ball. Not only was Carson one of the most consistent hitters on the team, but he was also one of the fastest base runners, which contributed to his 2 in the park homeruns and multiple extra base hits.

MVP– Carter Lamb
Carter is what baseball is all about. This southpaw’s hustle, attitude and love for the game all contributed to him winning the MVP Award for the second year in a row. Definitely one of the most reliable gloves on the field, and his ability to stretch and dig throws out of the dirt at first base saved big outs on many occasions. Carter’s bat also became one of the more consistent ones in the lineup and his baseball IQ and smart base running skills made him a valuable team member both offensively and defensively.


Minor Mosquito Legionaires – Coach Aaron Marshall

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) – Michael Quick
This newcomer quickly made a mark for himself both behind the plate and at 2nd base.  Mike Quick played the game with heart and left it all out on the field.  His determination to continue to grow and become an even better player proved to be his success over the season.  Over the season there were countless occasions in which Mike sacrificed his body for the betterment of the team.


Batting Champion – Nathan Marshall
The Minor Mosquito’s Batting Champion this year goes to a player that led the team with a .546 batting average.  Over the course of the season this players timely bats provided the team with valuable runs and bases.  Contributing to the team with 53 RBI’s Nate Marshall’s bat was invaluable this season.  Not always a power hitter Nate came through in key situations that helped with the teams undefeated regular season.


Top Pitcher– Nolan Hartley
Pitching in over 22 games this seasons with 55 innings under his belt this first year pitcher was a force on the mound.  Over the course of our season Nolan Hartley had great command of the ball and struck out 112 batters.  Nolan not only gained the respect on the mound from his own team mates, but received accolades from many other coaches and players throughout the season.


MVP– Nolan Hartley
This year the Minor Mosquito Legionaires success was a team effort.  There were numerous players that could easily been chosen for this award, rightfully.  One player in particular who shone throughout the year and grew in many areas of his game is this year’s recipient .  This player played through injuries, gave 100%, 110% of the time.  His drive to be a great player was seen by all he faced.  Nolan Hartley is this year’s Minor Mosquito MVP.


Mosquito Legionaires – Coach Geoff Whent

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) – 
 Ty Coleman
Ty is a product of the Oshawa Minor House League and Select program.  Playing in his first year at the rep level, he showed strong practice habits and rapidly became one of the best defensive infielders in the EOBA.


Batting Champion - Griffin McMillan
Griffin stepped up many times this year when we needed a big hit and led the team in hitting during the playoffs and OBA championship.   His extra work in the hitting cages helped him to become one of the most feared hitters in the EOBA!


Top Pitcher - Connor Allen
Connor was our go to guy and took the mound in the most important games.  He showed strong command of both his fastball and change up.  He led the staff in wins, strike outs and innings pitched.


MVP - Jacob Miller
As a catcher, Jacob played one of the high impact positions on the team.  He developed into the best catcher in the EOBA and completely shut down the running game of our opponents.  Jacob  also hit in the middle of our order and drove in a large amount of runs in key situations.


Minor Peewee Legionaires – Coach Kevin Wilson

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) –  Andrew Robertson 
Walking onto the field you know that this kid can play. He's at ease anywhere on the field and played the middle infield, centrefield and catcher this year. Andrew committed the fewest amount of errors in his positional play, the best thing about him is that he is very good at every position he is placed in. 


Batting Champion — Quinton McRae 
His sweet powerful swing made every at-bat an exciting one. He relished hitting against the best pitchers in the league and usually won the battle. He led the team in every extra base category and had a .642 slugging percentage. His most memorable hit was a walk-off grand slam.


Top Pitcher — Declan Shaw 
As a rookie on the team, coaches weren't sure what to expect from the Big Bear. It took one game to realize he could throw heat. He was the go-to starter and led the team in innings pitched and strike outs.


MVP — Addam Wilson 
He was considered for every team award this year and was an easy choice for MVP. Whenever we needed someone to take control on the mound, defensively or at the plate in a key situation, he was the guy leading the charge. During the last inning of the championship game of the Georgetown Tourney,  Addam who was pitching picked a player off at first base to end the game, and bring the title to Oshawa.


Peewee Legionaires – Coach Scott Arbuthnot

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) —Jacob Davis
Jacob caught the majority of games this past season and did an outstanding job behind the plate.  He was very consistant in his play, worked very well with all the pitchers, calming them down and calling great games in helping the team succeed.  He was very good at blocking the ball this year and also threw out a ton of base runners with his accurate arm. ( Career high 5 base runners in one game )

Batting Champion—Carter Arbuthnot
Carter led or tied most of the offensive categories on the team.  His team high 56 hits and team high 43 rbi’s were a boost to the team’s overall success.  He could always be counted on making contact when he stepped into the batter’s box, earning him the team’s top batting average with a solid 471 average on the year.  Carter was named to the EOBA All-Star team this past season, along with being named to the Nationals All-Star Team in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.


Top Pitcher—Jacob Rienstra
Starting a career high 14 games.  He pitched against all the top teams and always gave the team a chance to win.  Jacob’s record this year was 9 wins and 3 losses, He pitched 57.5 innings, allowing 37 hits, he had a team high 61 strike outs and had an very respectable 3.65 earned runs against.  JR had some great outings but one worth mentioning was his effort at the CNE.  He pitched a great game vs the North York AAA team in the quarter finals.  For his efforts Jacob was named the game’s MVP and he also was selected the outstanding player of the CNE Peewee tournament (28 other teams competed)


MVP  - Davis McMillan
Davis played many different positions this year, playing 3rd, 2nd, SS, pitching, catching and the outfield.  He played all the spots that were asked of him as a player,  he especially did a great job in the CF position for the team. He always worked hard at practices but also put in a lot of extra time on his own which paid off. Davis led the team in extra base hits,  13 doubles, 3 triples and 2 homeruns, he tied for 2nd with 30 RBI’s and had the 2nd best batting average at 354.  Davis was also named to the Peewee EOBA All-Star game in Oshawa by his teammates. 


Minor Bantam Legionaires – Coach Ken Babcock 

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) —Matthew Robinson
This player established himself as one of the best 2000 born catchers in the province this past season helping lead his team to an Ontario Silver medal. Defensively a stalwart behind the plate whether it be receiving, working with the pitchers, superior blocking ability or throwing out would be base stealers.  He is a player who is willing to put in the extra time to get better.

Top Pitcher—Braden Babcock
Every team has a go to pitcher they can consistently rely on in key situations and Braden Babcock continues to be that kind of pitcher.  Matching up against other teams top pitchers and big games constantly.  He led the team in wins and had a stellar 2.17 ERA.  Pin point control and a strong command of the strike zone where in 89 innings pitched he walked only 10 batters during the season.  A workhorse as well as a unique ability to recover quickly was displayed at the Ontario Championships where he threw 189 pitches over the 4 day OBA event in 3 appearances.

Batting Champion—Kyle Stevenson
Kyle led the team in just about every offensive category this past season. His .375 batting average was tops on the team and makes him the team batting champion. 

MVP  - Kyle Stevenson
Middle of the order bat with middle of the order power is what this young man possesses.  Has developed into one of the most feared bats in the GTA and thrives on pressure situations. As evidenced by his hitting display at the Ontario Championship semi-final and final at the Stadium when it counted most.  Including a mammoth inside the park homerun in the Ontario final that one hopped the Kinsmen stadium wall in deep RF. His value to the team is not limited to offense as he is one of the top pitchers in the EOBA (leading the team in Strikeouts) and also handles the glove smoothly in the field along with a strong and accurate arm. One neat note is that Kyle finished 3rd in the Baseball Youth Nationals HR derby in Louisville, Kentucky.  Behind a player from Houston, Texas and a player from Cincinnati, Ohio. Pretty impressive.  Kyle is the go to player on the team and very deserving of these awards. 

Bantam Legionaires – Coach Tony Quick

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) —Josh Arce
Josh is a back to back gold glove award winner.  As a catcher, Josh is the premier blocker in the league. Pitchers are confident that they can throw any pitch, in any count and Josh will be able to handle it. Working with coach Jamie May, Josh has been able to improve his ability to throw out runners while working on his foot work and arm strength. Josh's biggest improvement came in calling a game for his pitchers. Josh demonstrated an ability to understand the game and keep hitters off balance.


Batting Champion - Griffin Oliver
In 2014 Griffin overcame a broken leg in February. After suffering the injury Griffin immediately made it his goal to get back to start the season. Although he did not fully recover until later in the summer, he was able to pinch hit and contribute right away to his team's success. As the season went on Griffin became stronger and his accomplishments at the plate were paying off for the team. Griffin's passion for baseball and contributing to his team's success, helped him overcome a difficult injury and ultimately led him to a batting title hitting .385 overall.


Top Pitcher – A.J. Higdon
10-0, 1.92 ERA, 56IP, 52K's

AJ used his smooth delivery and calm demeanour to lead the Bantam Legionaires in victories and strikeouts, second in innings pitched, and third in ERA. AJ also had 2 key relief appearances in tournaments that kept his team alive and their impressive tournament record intact. AJ's dedication to fitness paid dividends for him and resulted in a very successful season.

MVP - Brendan Robertson
Statistically Brendan was near the top of nearly every offensive category, while playing great outfield defence and contributing from the mound as a member of the pitching staff. Brendan went 3-2 with a save. His ability to throw strikes and work at a good pace kept his team in all the games he pitched in. Brendan finished second in batting .364, first in hits 52, second in stolen bases 27.  Brendan’s abilities on offence and defence helped his team to a very successful season.

Minor Midget Legionaires – Coach Steve Crouse

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) — Noah Southwell
Noah to play everyday.  Outfielders get so little recognition when it comes to valuable defense, this year Noah changed all that. A mainstay in left field,  few players anywhere read the ball off the bat as well as Noah. His 6th year on the 98 born Legionaires team was his best yet, his commitment and dedication to defense in left field was second to none. Acrobatic diving catches and accurate throws to save a run at home are the norm for him.

Batting Champion - Zach Humeniuk
A fine example of continuous improvement , from a bottom of the order hitter 2 years ago to a feared hitter in 2014.  Zack possesses the sweetest swing in the EOBA. He has the speed to beat out the infield hits and the power to knock down the fences.  Zack always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to boost our team with the big hit when it was needed most.

Top Pitcher - Jack Riordan
Jack has been a  Legionaire for 8 years and has been a catalyst on every team he has played on for coach Crouse with his hitting and defense. In a much bigger role in 2014 Jack was expected  by the coaching staff to be the shut down pitcher in every big game …and he did not disappoint. Jack accepted every challenge along the way, often pitching dominate games against teams 2 years older.  Think Major League Hall of Famer Greg Maddux when you watch Jack work his way through an opposing teams lineup with a knee buckling curve ball, a seasoned split finger and a sneaky fastball. The Minor Midget teams run to the final 4 at the OBAs would not have been possible without Jacks poise on the mound in 2014.


MVP - Greg Mcarton
Greg, a top of the order hitter and the best center fielder we saw all year.  Greg is also quite possibly the fastest player in the EOBA, a phenomenal athlete who can also play flawless 2nd base when asked upon.  Hits , steals bases plays defense but most of all Greg thinks the game while he is on the field, the way he anticipates and reads plays and pitchers is a rare tool very few players possess. Loves to practice and has become a leader on the team. One of Greg's strongest qualities is leadership.


Midget Legionaires – Coach Andy Leonard

 Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player) — TBD

 Batting Champion – TBD

 Top Pitcher – TBD




Junior Legionaires – Coach Jim Walerowich

Gold Glove Award (Best Defensive Player)  - Aaron McQuillen
Aaron is a 2 time MVP of the Junior team.  He is and has been a leader and the back bone for 3 seasons.  He is not a vocal leader but more of a lead by example player. His work ethic is second to none. No matter what the score is you could always count on Aaron to hustleout a hit or make a play. He has patrolled CF at Kinsmen for the past 3 seasons with both the Junior team but also Durham College. This year Aaron lead the team and possibly the league with a perfect fielding % of 1.000. He had 70 put outs and 5 OF assists.


Batting Champion - Duncan Watt
This is Duncan's second time as Junior batting champ. Duncan finished the season with a batting average of .461, a slugging percentage of .551 and on base % of .547, 8 doubles and scored 30 runs.

Duncan was a offensive catalyst for us, he usually hit in the 2 hole and set the table usually for the 3-4 hitters. His great knowledge of the strike zone was evident with a very impressive 13.25 at bat per strike out ratio. Duncan is currently attending Westminster College in Pennsylvania.


Top Pitcher - Ryan Norris
This season was a transitional year for our pitching staff. As a second year Junior Ryan was one of the few guys the coaches were looking to take a leadership role with what turned out to be a very young staff. Ryan stepped up better than could be expected.  His commitment to be the "Ace of the staff" was evident in his preparation before each start, which the rookies caught on to. He was ready and willing to take the ball any time we needed him to.  Any BIG game Ryan wanted and expected the ball, as any ACE would. Ryan led the team in wins, strike outs and innings. Ryan is a horse and a true competitor. He is currently attending and playing varsity baseball at Durham College.


MVP - Logan Stewart
Logan was a first year player and made an immediate impact with our team.  He was extremely versatile.   He played RF, 1B, 3B, caught and was the primary closer.  He lead the team in innings played at 235 and had a fielding percentage of.921.

As good as Logan was defensively he was better with the bat. He led the team in hits with 43 and doubles with 9.  He had a batting average of .394, slugging % of .523

Logan is the definition of team player, he did whatever was needed or asked of him. The team always came first. Logan is currently attending MacComb College in Michigan.



Minor Tee Ball Coach of the Year

Melissa Cabral – Rockies

Tee Ball Coach of the Year

Stacie Dacon – Nationals


Minor Rookie Ball Coach of the Year

Chris Mace – Nationals


Rookie Ball Coach of the Year

Darryl Fitzgerald – Pirates


Mosquito Coach of the Year

Derek Leaney – Pirates


Peewee Coach of the Year

Derek Allender – Pirates


Bantam Coach of the Year

Jason Hurtibese – Rangers


Midget Coach of the Year

Chad Ramsundar – Nationals



Mosquito Select MVP -
Ryan Magrath

Upon joining the team this year as our primary catcher, it was quickly apparent that Ryan's true passion was pitching.   Given the challenges of the position, especially at this age group, Ryan worked relentlessly with the coaching staff to develop in to our bona fide ACE.  By the end of the season he consistently delivered quality inning after inning of great pitching.  His often quiet demeanor and always respectful attitude made him a pleasure to coach.   Ryan made the Legionaires Minor Peewee Rep 'A' team for 2015.


Pee Wee Select MVP - Jarrod Harris

Jarrod had an outstanding year for Oshawa Legionires Pee Wee Select Baseball Team. Jarrod was the toughest out at the plate for opposing pitchers throughout the year. He is a clutch hitter with runners in scoring position.  Jarrod led the team in batting average as well as extra base hits.

Jarrod's outstanding defense at short stop assisted the team getting to the EOSBA finals for the first time. Jarrod's biggest strength for this team and coaching staff was his ability to come in as the closer. Jarrod would come into close key games for the team the entire year from our successful tournament as finalist in Peterborough, to our hard fought battle to get to EOSBA finals.



There isn't a quicker ball player at any age group than Owen !!
He had an inside the park homerun and many many doubles and  stolen bases.
Stealing bases is easy for  this player!!  He is a very good catcher with  the baseball smarts beyond his years. And a strong and accurate arm. Beyond all he is an exceptional person. Very polite and a pleasure to coach.


UMPIRE OF THE YEAR AWARDS   Presented by Corey Dalton

“James E. Lutton” Junior Umpire of the Year – David McCabe

David has been umpiring for three years and is currently a level 2.1 umpire. David umpired the championship game of the 2014 Jim Lutton Classic Rookie-Ball Tournament. David shows tremendous ambition as an official. He worked nearly 40 games in Oshawa in 2014. David is a young leader who consistently takes control on the field in difficult situations, especially when he is working with a less experienced partner. He has developed into a very strong official who can be counted on to umpire well in crucial games.  David also volunteered over 20 hours of his time to assist with the 2014 Midget Eliminations, including ensuring that the umpires had cold drinks and food when needed.


“Troy May Memorial” Senior Umpire of the Year – Jim Taylor

Jim has been umpiring for over 20 years. He has worked countless numbers of Championship games in tournaments, provincials, and eliminations. Jim successfully passed his plate and base evaluations in 2014 and will become a Level 4 umpire in 2015.

Jim is currently the assistant Umpire-in-Chief for Oshawa Minor Baseball. Jim handles the scheduling for LOSSA, OFSSA, OSBA, and Durham College.

He frequently mentors and evaluates young, aspiring officials. He motivates them to develop confidence and leadership abilities which transfer beyond the umpiring world.

Jim volunteers hundreds of hours annually to baseball and umpire development. Quote form Corey Dalton UIC “I am very privileged to call Jim a friend. I truly believe that there is no person who is more deserving of this award than he is.”










SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY PEEWEE LEGIONAIRES “Ron Pegg Cup”  Presented by Scott Arbuthnot.   Presented to Jim Lutton.




HOUSE LEAGUE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR      Presented by Ken Babcock

Presented to Lori Harris.     Secretary, Select involvement, House League volunteer, equipment hand out day, special events, baseball day in Oshawa and more‼



Presented to Bruce Froude.     Coach, Board member, Social media director for the association, volunteer at almost every special event, registration days, baseball day in Oshawa, official photographer and more.


REP COACH OF THE YEAR   Presented by Scott Arbuthnot 

Presented to Tony Quick – Bantam Legionaires

It goes without saying that coaches play a big role in the development and success of a baseball team, both in terms of wins and losses and the overall experience of players and team supporters.   

Good baseball coaches are instructors that must possess expert knowledge of the sport. They must teach the basics and beyond. Teaching skills takes time and unwavering patience.  A great baseball coach makes each practice and game, win or lose, fun; and does their best to make each player feel valued, and that they are making a contribution.

A great baseball coach is able to identify each players’ strengths and put them in a position to be successful as individuals, and to help the team be successful.

A great baseball coach utilizes the expertise of all assistants to maximize the effectiveness of each practice.

A great baseball coach teaches discipline and values; is a leader and good role model who can change a collection of individual players into a family.

This year’s Baseball Oshawa coach of the year exemplifies all of these standards and values. He is a humble leader who asks only of his players to be the best they can be: in practices, in games, and away from the baseball diamond. He asks players and parents to cheer on the Oshawa team, but respect the skills of opposing players and respect the decisions of umpires.

This year’s coach of the year has guided a group of players which has developed and grown together over a number of seasons – some have been together for six years, experiencing new milestones, occasional setbacks, and mentoring them through triumphs and near-misses. He’s often the last person at the diamond, long after everyone else has left to go home, putting equipment away and grooming the field to

This season, his team set a goal of bringing home the EOBA championship. And what a year 2014 was: they won three tournaments (Simcoe, Bolton and Vaughan); and at the EOBAs they had to win elimination games against Ajax – and then Peterborough twice, in the space of a just couple of hours.

His players will tell you: they wanted to win that final EOBA championship game, but more than anything they wanted to do it for their coach. The final score in that last game: Oshawa 5, Peterborough 0.

Tonight our entire association gets a chance to recognize “him” with an award he richly deserves, one that isn’t quite so wet: 

Please join us to congratulate a “great” baseball coach, and Baseball Oshawa’s  2014 Rep Coach of the Year, Tony Quick.


REP TEAM OF THE YEAR         Presented by Scott Arbuthnot

Oshawa Minor Rookie Ball Legionaires – 2014 Ontario Champions

The 2014 minor rookie season started off with a bang.  The boys came out firing on all cylinders  and upset two major Rookie Ball teams. With a 3 and 0 record

the team was turning some heads.  Next the team was off to St Thomas for their first tournament  where the success continued ,going undefeated they were in the finals but came up short against a very good La salle team.   Then reality set in with a  7 game losing streak which can happen with a minor team playing mostly majors.  But in the end it was a good learning experience.   Ending the season with a 7 and 15 record in the Major loop is quite an accomplishment.    The team was back on track and heading full steam into the OBA's. With every player taking their game to a new level there was no stopping the Legionaires very youngest rep team  .Going undefeated and winning the Ontario championship game 20 to 8.  2014 Ontario Champions and the 2014 Oshawa Legionaires Rep Team of the Year.  Congrats to Coach Mike Hunter……..assistant coaches and players.


Oshawa Legionaires win the OBA Minor Rookie A Championship

Oshawa Minor Rookie headed to St Thomas for for the Minor Rookie “A” OBA Championship tournament. It started Friday afternoon against Burlington. Oshawa started off strong scoring 7 in the first inning while holding Burlington to only 3. Burlington slowly chipped away actually going ahead of Oshawa in the top of the 4th. Oshawa’s bats came alive again and they put together another 7 run inning to put the game just out of reach for Burlington ending with a final score of 18-14. With the win Oshawa was set to play the following morning at 8 am against North London. The next morning was early and foggy but the boys showed up ready to play. After scoring a quick 4 runs in the first inning they took the field for the first time and quickly three runs were in for North London. They boys pulled together and with some excellent fielding those were the only three runs North London would score while the boys in blue would add 8 more to their final total ending the game in the fifth with a score of 13 to 3. With this win the boys earned a bye and played again a full twelve hours later at 8 pm. The boys rested and came back to the diamond to face the only other undefeated team, Dorchester. Oshawa had seen Dorchester previously in another tournament and done well against them, but scouting had shown that Dorchester had improved tremendously. The game started and first inning jitters had Dorchester ahead by 9 runs at the top of two. Head coach called the players in and had a quick chat to revitalize the boys. Coach Mike had lit a fire in the boys and it began with the bats.  In the bottom of the second the boys battled back and scored 4 runs to cut Dorchester’s lead in half. They then went out into the field and some amazing defense shut Dorchester’s powerful bats down. The boys were focused and determined and you can barely hear the crack of the bat as the boys chanted and cheered their team mates on. Oshawa kept chipping away scoring 2 runs in the third, holding Dorchester in the 4th and allowing only one run in the 5th coming back within 1 run of Dorchester. Dorchester battled in the 6th putting up another 4 runs but Oshawa bats exploded in the 6th scoring 7 more runs and held Dorchester in the top of the 7th to win the game 17-16. Oshawa headed to the semi-finals undefeated to face Vaughan.  With home team advantage Oshawa took an early lead and never looked back. Excellent defense and bats that were hot lead Oshawa to eliminate Vaughan with a final score of 19-9 and turn their eye to the championship game against Dorchester. A quick break between games and Oshawa took the field again to face Dorchester for the finals. Oshawa started off strong scoring 4 runs and Dorchester came back to score five of their own. Oshawa came out swinging and scored 8 runs in the next three innings while holding Dorchester to only 1. Oshawa’s defense and bats proved too much for Dorchester and after scoring 7 in the sixth inning, Oshawa held Dorchester to none to end the game with a final score of 21-8. The entire team was focused and came together to support each other and work hard for a much deserved championship. Congratulations to the entire team: Quintin Earl (17), Preston Vieira (31), Devon Ouwehand (12), Payton Rickards (42), Mark Baxter (19), Josh Harris (18), Donovan Lozon (11), Ryan Barker (7), Caden Beaton (3), Carson Pyefinch (27), Adam Hunter (66), and Jackson Visser (22).  Coaching staff: Head Coach Mike Hunter, Assistant Coaches: Kirk Rickards, Ray Ouwehand, Brent Kornylo, Ryan Lozon and Manager Lori Harris. Congratulations on an amazing year. 

Oshawa Legionaires win 2014 Major Bantam AA EOBA Championship

The Oshawa Legionaires Bantam team has collected another big prize by winning its fourth tournament of the 2014 season: the coveted Eastern Ontario Baseball Association (EOBA) Major Bantam AA Championship. Oshawa earned the league title the hard way, with back-to-back wins over the Peterborough Tigers in the final pairing on August 17.

Needing a win to stay alive, the Legionaires held off the Tigers in a 6-5 thriller to force a deciding game. Oshawa went on to win the EOBA crown in the final as pitcher Isaiah Quick tossed a complete-game one-hitter in a 5-0 Legionaires victory. Oshawa came out firing on singles by Brendan Robertson and Griffin Oliver. Palmer Cruickshank followed with an RBI single to make it 1-0. Three batters later, Aaron Sprague (who went 9 for 15 in the tournament) delivered a two-run double for a 3-0 Oshawa lead.

In the fourth inning, Dawson Haas and Travis Coleman led off with singles. Shane Ward’s pinch-hit single made it 4-0. Following a sacrifice bunt by Quick, Robertson singled home Coleman for the game’s final run.

In the first game of the final against Peterborough, pitcher Bryce McRae came within one batter of a complete game, while delivering a double and single for the eventual game-winning RBI in the 6-5 win. Haas needed just two pitches in the bottom of the seventh to notch the save. Sprague and catcher Josh Arce (solid behind the plate for both games of the final) delivered sacrifice flies in a game Oshawa never trailed. Rightfielder Sprague also threw out a Tigers runner at first, ending Peterborough’s final scoring threat in the sixth.  

To qualify for the final, Oshawa handed the ball to pitcher A.J. Higdon in the semi-final against the Ajax Spartans. Higdon gave up just two hits over five innings (retiring ten straight batters in one stretch) and the defence turned three double plays in a tight 3-0 win over the Spartans. With the score still tied 0-0 in the fifth, second-baseman Sam Cirone grabbed a line drive and threw to Haas at shortstop to double-off a Spartans runner in scoring position. That momentum-changer helped spark a three-run rally by Oshawa in the bottom of the inning.

Earlier in the tournament, Oshawa posted a 7-2 win over the Whitby A Chiefs, and a 7-1 triumph over the Whitby AA Chiefs. Oshawa extends its thanks to Quinte Minor Baseball for hosting this year’s tournament in the Belleville area.

In addition to the 2014 EOBA championship, Oshawa also won tournaments this season in Vaughan, Bolton and Simcoe, compiling a superb 19-3 tournament record along the way.

The Legionaires are coached by Tony Quick, Kevin Cruickshank, Dom Cirone and Jamie May. The team looks forward to competing in the Ontario Baseball Association AA Championship later this month in Peterborough and Cobourg.


Oshawa Minor Bantam Legionaires defeat Whitby Chiefs 5-1 to capture 2014 EOBA Championship in Lindsay. 

Kyle Butler tossed a complete game 3 hit gem for the win on the hill. Connor Dorey and Denzel Clarke had big hits for Oshawa. 

An 8-1 win behind a 6 IP 2 hit stellar effort by Kyle Stevenson over the host Kawartha Cubs sent the Legionaires undefeated 4-0 in to the final with Whitby having to beat them twice. Butler got Whitby's final batter to ground to short where SS Easton Currle fielded it and fired a perfect strike to 1B Connor Dorey to start the Championship celebration. 

WP Braden Halford vs. Ajax Spartans
WP Braden Babcock vs Kingston
WP Kyle Stevenson vs. Whitby

It is BACK to BACK EOBA Gold medals for Oshawa now and 3 titles in the past 4 years!!! What a great tournament and great team effort by a talented group of 13U players. Way to go Oshawa! Blue & Gold Pride was on display!!

Team members are: Matthew Robinson, Braden Babcock, Denzel Clarke, Kyle Stevenson, Easton Currie, Connor Dorey, Zack McQuaid, Taylor Dusome, Easton Baker, Evan Love, Braden Halford, Kyle Butler. Head Coach: Ken Babcock Assistant Coaches: Jamie Baker, John McQuaid, Chris Butler & Rob Snodden.

Next up the OBA Provincial Championships LDW in Oshawa


Timely hitting and superb pitching over six games lifted the Oshawa Legionaires to the championship of the Vaughan Vikings AA tournament held July 25 to 27. Oshawa held off the Whitby Chiefs 13-3 in the final to capture its third tournament victory of 2014. The Legionaires previously won events hosted by Bolton in early July and Simcoe in May.

Oshawa powered its way to the championship with a 21-hit attack in the final. Palmer Cruickshank had a pair of doubles and a single while pitching a complete-game four-hitter, surrendering just one earned run. Cruickshank also knocked in the winning run in a dramatic 6-5 semi-final win over the Pickering Red Sox.

In the championship game, the Legionaiares erased an early 1-0 deficit with three runs in the first, capped by Josh Arcé’s two-out single which brought home Bryce McRae and Dawson Haas to make it 3-1. An inning later, Shane Ward’s RBI double scored Aaron Sprague to make it 4-1. Isaiah Quick and Brendan Robertson came around on Oliver’s two-run double that made it 6-1. Robertson was 3-for-3 in the final and scored four runs.

On defence, Quick made five assists at shortstop, including one on a double play anchored by second baseman A.J. Higdon that ended the Chiefs’ final scoring threat in the sixth. Ward also notched three assists at first with pitcher Cruickshank.

In the semi-final against Pickering, Oshawa fell behind 5-0 after three innings before rallying with three runs in the fourth led by Sam Cirone’s two-run single. Oshawa tied it in the fifth when Quick stole home, and McRae’s clutch single scored Oliver from second. Pickering had the winning run on second in the sixth but Oshawa escaped when the Red Sox lined into a double play made by Haas at shortstop.  

Earlier in the tournament, Travis Coleman tripled, scored twice and knocked in three runs in a 12-2 quarter-final win over the Ajax Spartans. In the round-robin, Sprague struck out five in a complete-game 8-3 win over Barrie; Cruickshank and Higdon combined on the mound to shutdown Brantford 13-2. Oshawa also dropped a tough 7-3 decision to the Royal York Cardinals.

Once again, the EOBA had a strong showing in the 16-team Vaughan tournament, with all four EOBA teams entered making the playoff round.

The Legionaires’ coaches Tony Quick, Kevin Cruickshank, Dom Cirone and Jamie May are proud of the players’ excellent effort in tournament play and they hope the team will build on that going into August.


The Baseball Oshawa Executive and the selection committee would like to formally announce the Oshawa Legionaires Rep Head Coaches for the 2014 season.  A big thank you goes out to all candidates that applied for positions for 2014.  We appreciate your interest in wanting to take on a leadership role with our association.

Please find below the roster of Head Coaches confirmed for the 2014 Oshawa Legionaires rep baseball season. I would like to thank the selection committee led by Scott Arbuthnot (Rep Director), and assisted by Corey Dalton, Bill Arundell and Tom Harrod from the Board for their dedicated efforts in the selection process and interview process. We have a very strong roster of Head Coaches heading into 2014.  Tryouts for 2015 teams take place in early September 2014 and will be posted on the www.baseballoshawa.com website mid summer.  Some trytouts begin this weekend.  Good luck to everyone!! 2014 is going to be a great year for baseball in Oshawa.

Ken Babcock - President, Baseball Oshawa



2014 Oshawa Minor Rookie Ball Legionaires Rep  (2006 born)
Mike Hunter - mikewhunter@live.com

2014 Oshawa Rookie Ball Legionaires Rep (2005 born)
Jay Ashwin - jayashwin@hotmail.com

2014 Oshawa Minor Mosquito Legionaires Rep (2004 born)
Aaron Marshall - aaron@bridgeway.ca

2014 Oshawa Mosquito Legionaires Rep (2003 born)
Geoff Whent - geoffwhent13@rogers.com

2014 Oshawa Minor Peewee Legionaires Rep (2002 born)
Kevin Wilson - heather_kevinwilson@rogers.com

2014 Oshawa Peewee Legionaires Rep (2001 born)
Scott Arbuthnot - scott.Arbuthnot@rci.rogers.com

2014 Oshawa Minor Bantam Legionaires Rep (2000 born)
Ken Babcock - k.babcock@rogers.com

2014 Oshawa Major Bantam Legionaires Rep (1999 born)
Tony Quick - quick.tony@gmail.com

2014 Oshawa Minor Midget Legionaires Rep (1998 born)
Steve Crouse - couchguy2000@yahoo.com

2014 Oshawa Midget Legionaires Rep (1996-1997 born)
Andy Leonard - legionairesbaseball@hotmail.com

2014 Oshawa Legionaires Junior Legionaires Rep (1993-1995 born)
Jim Walerowich - jdw_goblue@hotmail.com 

Please check the tryout information & schedule on our website, and we will see you at the tryouts!!

Assistant coaches and team staff will be chosen by the Head Coach but must be approved by Baseball Oshawa in the spring through the official roster process and Board Approval.  All assistant coaches must also have the required baseball coaching certification.

For more info on certification please visit Baseball Canada's website. www.baseball.ca




Baseball Oshawa has had another successful season overall with its rep program and looks forward to seeing a great turnout at tryouts with returning players and new players from our house leagues or new players from the community for the 2014 season. All players trying out must register in person at the tryout and complete the required form/waiver registration and also provide a $20 tryout fee in cash prior to beginning the tryout.  The $20 tryout fee covers all scheduled tryouts no matter how many attended.

Oshawa resident players are permitted to try-out. Players from outside centres are not permitted to try-out for an Oshawa rep baseball team without a signed confirmed release from their home centre.  Players from Port Perry are able to try-out for Oshawa rep teams.

Any questions about tryouts please contact Scott Arbuthnot, Rep Director


2014 Oshawa Legionaires Rep Tryout times (Fall 2013)

2014 Oshawa Minor Rookie Ball Rep Baseball Tryouts (2006 born)
Sept. 6     6pm to 8pm @ McLaughlin Park
Sept. 8    5pm to 7pm @ McLaughlin Park
Sept. 11   6pm to 8pm @ McLaughlin Park

2014 Oshawa Rookie Ball Rep Baseball Tryouts (2005 born)
Sept. 6     6pm to 8pm @ Durham College Field
Sept. 8   12pm to 2pm @ Kedron Park
Sept. 11   6pm to 8pm @ Kedron Park

2014 Oshawa Minor Mosquito Rep Baseball Tryouts (2004 born)
Sept. 6     6pm to 8pm @ Kedron Park 
Sept. 8   10am to 12pm @ Kedron Park 
Sept. 12   6pm to 8pm @ Kedron Park

2014 Oshawa Mosquito Rep Baseball Tryouts (2003 born)
Sept. 13     6pm to 8pm @ Kedron Park
Sept. 15   12pm to 2pm @ Kedron Park
Sept. 17   6pm to 8pm @ Kedron Park
Sept. 25 6pm to 8 pm @ Kedrom Park

2014 Oshawa Minor Peewee Rep Baseball Tryouts (2002 born)
Sept. 13     6pm to 8pm @ Lakeview #2
Sept. 15   2pm to 4pm @ Lakeview #1
Sept. 17   6pm to 8pm @ Lakeview #1

2014 Oshawa Peewee Rep Baseball Tryouts (2001 born)
Sept. 13     6pm to 8pm @ Lakeview #1
Sept. 15   4pm to 6pm @ Lakeview #1
Sept. 16   6pm to 8pm @ Lakeview #1

2014 Oshawa Minor Bantam Rep Baseball Tryouts (2000 born)
Sept. 6     6pm to 8pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 16   6pm to 8pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 20   6pm to 8pm @ Kinsmen Stadium

2014 Oshawa Major Bantam Rep Baseball Tryouts (1999 born)
Sept. 14   12pm to 2pm @ Kinsmen Stadiu
Sept. 15   12pm to 2pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 18   6pm to 8pm @ Ritson
Sept. 22   1pm to 3pm @ Lakeview Park # 2 

2014 Oshawa Minor Midget Rep Baseball Tryouts (1998 born)
Sept. 14   10am to 12pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 15   10am to 12pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 21   12pm to 2pm @ Ritson
Sept. 22   12 pm to 2pm @ Ritson
Sept. 29   12pm to 3pm @ Kinsmen Stadium 

2014 Oshawa Major Midget Rep Baseball Tryouts (1996-1997 born)
Sept. 14   2pm to 4pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 15   2pm to 4pm @ Kinsmen Stadium
Sept. 22   2pm to 4pm @ Ritson
Sept. 24   6pm to 8pm @ Kinsmen Stadium

2014 Oshawa Legionaires Junior Rep Baseball Tryouts (1993-1995 born)
To be announced shortly. Check back soon.
*2014 Rep Coaches will be announced on Sept. 4th.



For the second straight season, the Oshawa Legionaires 1999 team has been crowned champions of a tournament in Whitby. The Legionaire Minor Bantams captured the Mike Crump Memorial / Heart and Stroke Tournament on July 21 with a 7-5 victory over the Pickering Red Sox. Oshawa built a 7-0 lead and held off a final-inning Red Sox rally as pitcher Brendan Robertson induced a ground ball which first baseman Palmer Cruickshank scooped up and ran to the bag to set off the Legionaires’ celebration.

Starting pitcher Bryce McRae gave up just two hits and struck out five over five innings to earn the victory. He also doubled and singled, scoring two runs. Robertson and shortstop Isaiah Quick also picked up two hits in the championship game. Centrefielder Aaron Sprague hit a double and also made a crucial over-the-shoulder catch in the final inning. Left fielder Jonathan McIntosh drew three walks, the last of which forced home the Legionaires’ seventh run.

The Legionaires defeated the Ajax Spartans 5-2 in the semi-finals with Cruickshank tossing 5.2 innings of one-hit ball. A.J. Higdon got the save by getting the Spartans to lineout into a double play to first baseman Chris Ihasz. Catcher Josh Arcé gunned down two Ajax runners trying to steal second and at the plate he was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the third inning which turned out to be the winning run. Jack Dryswak followed up with a two-run single to increase Oshawa’s lead to 5-0.

Oshawa qualified for the playoff round by winning its group in round robin play. The Legionaires posted an impressive 11-0 win over the Thornhill Reds, powered by Dryswak’s complete-game four-hitter. Their opening game was a 6-3 triumph over the Vaughan Vikings. Robertson was the winning pitcher, with Griffin Oliver throwing 3.1 innings of scoreless relief to get the save. Sam Cirone’s leadoff walk during a long plate appearance in the third sparked a six-run rally that gave Oshawa the lead for good. The Vikings and Reds are two of the top three teams in the Toronto Baseball Association standings.

The Oshawa Minor Bantam Legionaires are coached by Tony Quick and his assistants Kevin Cruickshank, Brian Pittens, Dominic Cirone and Jamie May.


The EOBA 18U received tremendous pitching, great defence and timely hitting en route to a Cannon Cup championship Sept 14-16. It is the first time a team from the EOBA has won the prestigious tournament, featuring league all-star teams, since 2002. The winning effort had a strong Oshawa flavour to it with 7 Legionaires players, three coaches and the team manager all part of this all-star team. Congrats to Head Coach, Jim Walerowich and all the Oshawa representation!!


After having their two games rained out on Friday, Team EOBA had their first game Saturday morning at 9:00am and hung on for a 3-2 win vs Etobicoke. With a chance to win their division in the second game, EOBA dropped a tough 10-7 decision to COBA 2 in their Saturday night cap, setting up a must win scenario Sunday morning. EOBA would have to win three straight games on Sunday, with limited rest to bring home the Cannon Cup. Sunday began with a must win game against Ottawa to win the division. Timely hitting, great pitching and defence staked EOBA to a 3-0 lead and they'd hang on for a 3-1 win to win the division and set up a semi-final matchup with York Simcoe.


The semi-final game saw York Simcoe take a 6-3 lead into the bottom of the 7th setting up a remarkable comeback. EOBA hitters showed a tremendous amount of patience and resiliency cutting the lead to 6-5 with the bases loaded and 1 out. With Mitch Cook (Oshawa) at the plate EOBA put on a suicide squeeze. The pitch was in the dirt and bounced away from the catcher as Keenan Terwillegar (Oshawa) was trying to score the tying run the catcher's flip got away from the pitcher and pinch-runner Robbie Meyers (Kingston) never broke stride and scoring the winning run all the way from second base sending EOBA to the championship game.


In the championship game, Toronto took an early 3-0 lead, but again team EOBA wouldn't quit. Starting pitcher Harley Whitehurst (Ajax) kept EOBA in it and then the bats exploded highlighted by a 7-run 3rd inning staking EOBA to a 13-4 lead they'd eventually turn in to a 13-5 championship victory.


Team EOBA will now head to Michigan State University for a tournament on Thanksgiving weekend.


Team members are:

Tommy-Lee McDonald (Pickering)

Brent Wishart (Pickering)

Llija Bozwinski (Pickering)

Pat Wallace (Oshawa)

Jamie May (Oshawa)

Travis Owens (Oshawa)

Mitch Cook (Oshawa)

Kyle Conquer (Oshawa)

Keenan Terwillegar (Oshawa)

Josh McCulloch (Oshawa)

Adrian Lee (Whitby)

Tanner Hoffman (Kingston)

Robbie Meyers (Kingston)

Mac Edwards (Kingston)

Alex Amey (Kingston)

Harley Whitehurst (Ajax)

Ryan Condon (Peterborough)

Benjamin Deboer (Peterborough)

Zach McQuaid - Bat Boy (Oshawa)


Coaching Staff

Jim Walerowich (Oshawa)

J Osbourne (Clarington)

Rob Snodden (Oshawa)

Daryl Macklem (Oshawa)

Rob Wallace (General Manager, Oshawa)


The Baseball Oshawa Executive and the selection committee would like to formally announce the Oshawa Legionaires Rep Head Coaches for the 2013 season. A big thank you goes out to all candidates that applied for positions for 2012. We appreciate your interest in wanting to take on a leadership role with our association.

Click here for the 2013 Rep Coaching selections.


The Oshawa Legionaires Minor Bantams have won back-to-back EOBA championships! The 2012 edition of EOBA championships was hosted by the Clarington Orioles.  After finishing first place, the Oshawa Minor Bantam Legionaires were looking to defend their Peewee Championship from one year ago.  On Friday night, Oshawa faced Ajax in the first round, defeating them handily with a score of 14 - 2 in 5 innings, lead by Devin Bradley and Jack Riordan on the mound.  Key hits from Mitch Lahey and Jacob O'Malley, with two hits a piece, and a hit and RBI from Zack Humeniuk. 


On Saturday morning, Oshawa faced Pickering with Connor May starting as pitcher, and Jason Crouse coming in relief, combined on a one-hit, ten nothing shut out.  The offense was led by Devin Bradley and Jason Crouse with two hits a piece, with a key hit by Mitch Lahey who had 4 RBI's, and Tristen Layfield with 3 RBI's, and a key hit and RBI from Brendan Luke.


Saturday afternoon, Oshawa faced the then undefeated Clarington Orioles.  The Legionaires won a hard fought 5 - 4 victory behind stellar pitching performances from Mitch Lahey and Jason Crouse, giving up a combined 5 hits.  Offense was lead by Connor May and Mitch Lahey with two hits a piece.  Key RBI's from Greg McArton and Tristen Layfield. 


Sunday morning, Oshawa faced Whitby and would come out on top with a 10 - 6 victory.  On the mound for Oshawa was Tristen Layfield, followed by Jason Crouse.  Key hits in this game were by Jack Riordan and Noah Southwell.  A 3 RBI game from Jason Crouse, and 2 from Jacob O'Malley, Greg McArton, and Connor May, and one from Jack Riordan.


On Sunday afternoon, the undefeated Oshawa Legionaires faced the host team, Clarington Orioles in the championship game.  On the mound for Oshawa, Mitch Lahey got the start giving up 4 hits in 6 innings.  Connor May got the save pitching a clean 7th inning.  The offense was lead by Tristen Layfield with 3 hits, 2 hits from Greg McArton and Jason Crouse, other key hits from Dan Harris, Connor May and Mitch Lahey.  Tristen Layfield and Mitch Lahey each knocked in 3 RBI's that game. The final score of the gold medal game was 9-1 in favour of the Legionaires.


Coaches are Steve Crouse, Peter Riordan, Ryan Morton, Bill Arundell and Jamie May. 


Thanks to the Clarington Orioles' executive for running a well organized tournament. 

The first annual Jim Lutton Classic rookie ball tournament took place from July 27-29 in Oshawa fielded eight teams from all across Ontario from A to AA Rookie ball teams. The tournament was a resounding success thanks in part to the games, events, umpires and volunteers.

The weekend began with the ceremonial first pitch thrown out by our own Jim Lutton which set the stage for a tremendous weekend of baseball. 

The tournament included a two division round robin play followed by a Gold medal game and a Bronze medal game on Sunday. A highlight for the kids was the skills competition held Saturday evening under the lights which involved two timed events and a long ball competition. Upon completion of the competition, raffle prizes were drawn that included an atv, autographed memorabilia and prizes donated from local businesses.

At the end of the round robin play, both the Oshawa Legionaires Blue team and the Milton Mets emerged to play in the final game on Sunday. The final game had a fantastic amount of fans and families on hand to watch one of the most exciting games of the tournament. Although Oshawa held off Milton’s offence to just four runs after five innings in the gold medal game, Milton went on to win 6-3 after seven innings.

The Bronze medal game included the Whitby Chiefs and the Port Hope River Rats with the Whitby Chiefs coming out on top.

The tournament included Player of the Game bats, necklaces for the skills competition winners, and complimentary gift bags for each player and music for the kids. The feedback from both parents and coaches was extremely positive and most went on to say it was the best tournament they had ever been to. The smiles on the player’s faces said it all.

We look forward to continuing the tradition next year with an even larger number of teams.


The Oshawa Minor Peewee Legionaires played host to and also won the Oshawa Dawg Dayz of Summer Tournament this weekend in Oshawa. The tourney win was their second of the year to go with a championship title in St. Thomas earlier in the season. They are now 33-8 overall this season.


The Legionaires dropped their opening game of the tourney 7-6 to the Hamilton Cardinals after jumping out in front 6-0. Oshawa's pitching trio of Quin McLane, Kyle Stevenson, and Brett Dobson, struggled in this one allowing just 3 hits but walking and extraordinary 15 Hamilton batters in the game, leading to a one run loss. Braden Babcock doubled, went 2-for-2 and drove in 3 runs. Mike Madden added an RBI single.


Game two was an exciting game between Oshawa and Richmond Hill. Braden Babcock was solid starting on the mound and combined with Derek Steffler, who was superb in relief and was credited with the win on the hill. Kyle Stevenson had 3 hits and drove in 3 while Quin McLane went 2-for-3 (double and triple),


Now at 1-1. the Legionaires then would down the Scarborough Stingers 9-0 to finish the round robin at 2-1. Connor Dorey tossed a complete game shutout for Oshawa striking out 9 in 6 innings of work. Quin McLane, Braden Babcock, Zack McQuaid, and Mike Madden all had 2 hits. With the win and Hamilton beating Richmond Hill, the Legionaires squared off against Hamilton in the final.


In the final, the Legionaires defeated the Hamilton Cardinals 11-5 to capture the top spot of their very own 4 team Dawg Dayz of Summer Minii-Series in Oshawa at Jim Lutton Legion Field.  Great prep for the EOBA Championships coming up this weekend. Braden Babcock went 2-for-2, doubled and drove in 3 runs in the final while Kyle Butler, Mike Madden, and Easton Currie each had 2 hits. Kyle Butler with 5 plus stellar innings in relief picked up the pitching win, while Babcock closed it out on the mound for the final two outs.


Big bats for Oshawa:  Babcock was 8-for-8 with 3 doubles and 8 RBI's, Kyle Stevenson was 6-for-10 with 7 RBI's and Quin McLane was 5-for-10 with 3 doubles, a triple and 4 RBI's.


The Oshawa Legionaires Major Peewee team came within a whisker of winning their second straight tournament as they were edged 1-0 by the Barrie Red Sox in the championship game of the Greater Niagara Baseball Association tournament on July 22.


The tense gold medal game was a pitchers’ duel, tied 0-0 in the sixth inning when it was interrupted for more than two hours by a heavy thunderstorm. The teams ended up having to change parks to complete the game because of too much standing water on the original diamond.


Oshawa pitcher Palmer Cruickshank was brilliant in the final, holding the hard-hitting Red Sox (1st place in the York-Simcoe / Toronto league) to just four hits through six and one-third innings, striking out five batters. But Barrie broke through in the bottom of the seventh, scoring the only run of the game on a sacrifice fly – the tag at the plate that would have forced extra innings was just a fraction of a second late.


Oshawa earned a spot in the final thanks to a dramatic two-out, two-run double by Bryce McRae in the seventh inning of the semi-final that powered the Legionaires to a 4-3 win over the Bolton Braves. Relief pitcher Eric Veith shut down the Braves over the final two innings to earn the victory and the Legionaires stopped the tying run between third and home on an attempted squeeze play in the bottom of the final inning.


Oshawa posted strong wins in round robin action over the Guelph Royals (14-2), Toronto Playgrounds (13-5) and Mississauga North Bengals (18-2) to qualify for the playoff round.


The Legionaires also received outstanding performances on the mound, in the field and at the plate throughout the Niagara Falls tournament from Joshua Arce, Sam Cirone, Jack Dryswak, Connor Hughes, Griffin Oliver, Isaiah Quick, Brendan Robertson, and Aaron Sprague. Tyson Dus unfortunately missed the tournament due to illness.


Oshawa’s coaching staff is led by Tony Quick. Assistant coaches are Kevin Cruickshank, Dave Dus, Barry Hughes and Brian Pittens.


In June, the Legionaires captured the championship at the Whitby Minor Baseball Association Father’s Day Classic tournament.


The Oshawa Midget Legionaires exacted revenge on the Markham Mariners downing them 5-4 to win the Oshawa Midget Classic Tournament. The Legionaires fell behind early but came back from a 4-1 deficit for the tournament victory, the second tournament win of the season for the team. Mitch Cook got the start on the mound for Oshawa allowing 3 earned runs in 3.1 innings of work. Dylan Castillo came on in relief and got the win for Oshawa pitching 3 scoreless innings of 1 hit baseball. McKenzie Sullivan earned the save. Josh McCulloch was 3-for-3 on the day with a double. Jamie May was 2-for-3 including a run scored and drove in the game winning run. He also was solid defensively throwing out a Markham runner at second late in the game. McKenzie Sullivan was also 2-for-3 with an RBI. The victory was a total team effort for the club with each player contributing in some fashion throughout the weekend.


Game one on Friday night saw the Legionaires open the tournament against Royal York Cardinals #2 with a lopsided 14-2 victory. Wesley Paquette got the start and win for Oshawa. In his four innings of work he allowed only one run on 4 hits striking out 6. Pat Wallace pitched the final 2 innings in relief giving up only 1 unearned run on 2 hits. Offensively McKenzie Sullivan, back from a three week trip with the Ontario Blue Jays, was 3-for-4 with 3 runs scored and 2 RBI. Dylan Castillo was 2-for-4 with a run and an RBI and Jamie May was 1-for-2 with 2 runs scored and an RBI.


In game two, the Legionaires rallied in the bottom of the 8th inning to top the Leaside Leafs in an extra inning thriller. Wes Paquette got the win in relief throwing 2.2 innings of shutout baseball. Mitch Cook was 3-for-4 with 3 RBI, Keenan Terwillegar was 2-for-4 including a double, triple, 2 RBI and scored the game winning run. Josh McCulloch was 2-for-4 with an RBI and McKenzie Sullivan contributed with the walk-off single. The win clinched a semi final playoff berth for the Legionaires.


The final game of the round robin portion of the tournament saw the Legionaires suffer their first lost of the Oshawa Midget Classic Tournament falling to the Markham Mariners 19-4. The Markham win placed them first in the pool and dropped Oshawa to second meaning Oshawa would have to play the first seed team from the other pool in the semi finals on Sunday. Pat Wallace got the start for Oshawa and Mike Kosciesza finished off in relief. They combined to allow 11 earned runs on 20 hits over 5 innings. Kosciesza was 2-for-2 offensively while Mitch Cook and Eric Morrow were both 1-for-1 with a run scored.


Following the game on Saturday most teams from the eight team tournament field competed in a skills competition comprised of 6 events. Mike Kosciesza placed first in the Pitching Accuracy competition with Pat Wallace a close second determined by a tiebreaker. McKenzie Sullivan placed 3rd in the Homerun Derby and Pitching Velocity and Jamie May 3rd in Catcher’s Pop time. Justice Magee was third in the Distance off the Tee competition.


In the tournament semi final on Sunday the Oshawa Legionaires advanced to the final of the 41st annual Oshawa Midget Classic tournament with a 13-7 victory over the Guelph Royals. Connor May got the start and win for Oshawa allowing 5 earned runs over 3.1 innings striking out 3. Mike Kosciesza came on in relief pitching 2.2 strong innings allowing only one run for the hold. Mitch Cook pitched a scoreless seventh. Travis Owens shone offensively going 3-for-3 with 4 runs scored and added an RBI. Josh McCulloch and Mitch Cook were both 3-for-4 with 2 RBI. McKenzie Sullivan contributed with 2 hits, 3 runs and an RBI. Mike Kosciesza was 1-for-1 with 2 RBI. The semi final win put the Legionaires in the final against Markham leading to the eventual tournament victory.


The Oshawa Minor Peewee Legionaires led by head coach Ken Babcock are all set to travel south this Friday morning to experience a part of baseball heaven for a week.  Right in legendary Baseball Country in upper state New York and the mythical birthplace of baseball.  They will become the first Oshawa baseball team ever to attend one of the week long Cooperstown, NY Tournament Experiences when they travel to Cooperstown All-Star Village, “the legendary birthplace of baseball” and a week long tournament experience July 13-20 for 12 year olds.  The team and a highly committed parent group have been fundraising for this major trip for nearly two years to come up with the nearly $17,000 entry fee and related costs for this "once in a lifetime" all inclusive tournament experience.  The state-of-the art facilities include eight major league style baseball fields for kids 12 and under.  With mountain scenery as the backdrop, the Legionaires will meet teams from across North America and around the world. Every player that participates is awarded a Cooperstown Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Ring at the closing ceremonies. Each player also receives official Cooperstown home and away uniforms, a pullover and hat, a ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, three meals a day and six nights accommodations in team bunkhouses located in the Player Village. Simply a once in a lifetime experience for any ball player. 


The Cooperstown All-Star Village (CASV) and complex was founded in 2004 by Martin and Brenda Patton, a local business couple with a vision to provide all baseball players ages 10 to 12 with a major league baseball experience. Their vision emerged when comparing other baseball tournament camps across the country. The Patton team created CASV as America’s first and only baseball resort and tournament camp where players compete in weeklong tournaments on the outskirts of the birthplace of baseball, Cooperstown NY. The goal was to provide a high-quality baseball experience through the facility and professional uniforms for the players but, also provide a great experience for their families. CASV is America's Ultimate family baseball resort!


All tournament games are played on state-of-the-art built fields with major league baseball amenities. Every field is patterned like major league baseball fields complete with warning track, LED lighted score boards, drinking fountains, spectator viewing areas with stage seating and professional sports field lighting. Just like the pros. Team are guaranteed 7 games.


It is the only tournament experience of its kind, deemed America’s first and only children’s baseball resort where the players and their families experience everything that baseball has to offer right in legendary baseball country near the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The Players Village has a large pool shaped like a baseball glove, games room, laundry service, major league batting cages, 24-hour medical building, air-conditioned bunkhouse with large screen television, outdoor gear boxes, full-size beds for the coaches and umpires. Every player receives a CASV major-league style uniforms, a ticket to visit the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, our coveted Cooperstown Youth Baseball Hall Of Fame ring, Opening cermonies, skills competition, three nutritional meals a day and the teams will stay together in our air-conditioned bunkhouses. 


Here is a video link to show what Cooperstown All-Star Village is all about: 



The team of 12 year olds travelling to Cooperstown, New York this friday consists of Matthew Robinson, Derek Steffler, Braden Babcock, Kyle Stevenson, Easton Currie, Connor Dorey, Zahery McQuaid, Quin McLane, Easton Baker, Nathaniel Snider, Brett Dobson, Mike Madden and Kyle Butler. Coaches are Ken Babcock, John McQuaid, Jamie Baker and Chris Butler. 


The list of teams participating in this week long tourney include the following:


Victory Baseball White, IL

Oshawa Legionaires, Canada

Irvine Diamondbacks, CA

Dirt Frogs BBC, CA

LSW Astros Blue, NY

LSW Astros Red, NY

Schaumburg Flyers Blue, IL

Palos Thunder, IL

Lockport Cobras, IL

Stratford Knights, NJ

Wheatland Ducks, IL

Plainfield Diamond Kings, IL

RFH Diamonds, NJ

Nor Cal Phantoms, CA

St. Charles Knights Blue, IL

Pass Heat Baseball, CA

TCR Bobcats, TX

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Stoughton, MA

Woodstock Lightning Blue, IL

Mississauga North Bengals, Canada

Lodi Crushers Baseball Club, CA

HSE Cats, IN

Magic City Orioles, IN


Official website: www.cooperstownallstarvillage.com


Ken Babcock

Head Coach

Oshawa Minor Peewee Legionaires


Baseball Day in Oshawa!! What a wonderful day under perfect, sunny blue skies!! And ended under the stars with a great movie on the giant inflatable 40' screen in the outfield!!

Thanks to everyone involved (executive, coaches, players, parents and volunteers) for helping to make Baseball Day In Oshawa 2012 a wonderful success.  The weather was absolutely perfect. Nearly 1,000 people comprised of players, coaches, parents, siblings, grandparents, family members, friends and visiting teams were all impacted by this fun day of Baseball in Oshawa.

The outdoor movie under the stars ("The Perfect Game"), in centerfield attended by nearly 200, wrapped up what was a great day of baseball in Oshawa.  Special thanks to Geoff Whent who developed, and championed our House League Super Clinic to kick things off in a big way. Numerous positive comments from parents about the clinic. The commitment from our rep coaches and older rep players with the clinic was terrific.  The BBQ went well, everyone was fed and we also were able to recoup significant dollars selling products as well.

The mini-games were exciting and the younger Legionaires kids loved playing on the big stadium field, having their names announced, music etc. including the fun dugouts. Photos went smoothly and easily.

Special acknowledgement to Mayor John Henry who took part in the day as he did last year too. A special pre-game presentation to our first ever OBA Player of the Year recipient - Connor May. The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 Colour Guard which was on hand to add to the event.

Our Midget Legionaires won the showcase game and provided a great crowd on hand some entertaining baseball. Our yard sale efforts of selling old uniforms, unused tees, hats etc. generated over $500 for the association, which is great at a toonie an item. The day also introduced Kinsmen Memorial Stadium, which is a gem, to the participants and parents and families of our association in a positive and big way. They all now know where Kinsmen Memorial Stadium is and what a great ballpark it is.  And thanks of course to Ajax for committing their rep teams to the day and blocking off their schedule to play our teams.

 What a day yesterday! Looking forward to Baseball Day in Oshawa 2013. 

Ken Babcock
Vice President, Baseball Oshawa


Pitching depth and timely hitting proved to be potent forces as the Oshawa Peewee Legionaires team captured the 24th annual Whitby Chiefs Father’s Day Classic tournament on the weekend of June 15-17.


The Legionaires won the 16-team event by defeating the Thornhill Reds 15-6 in the championship game, battling back from an early 5-1 deficit. Isaiah Quick’s leadoff single sparked an eight-run rally in the third inning to put Oshawa ahead to stay. Eric Veith doubled home Joshua Arce and Griffin Oliver with the tying and go-ahead runs. Palmer Cruickshank and Bryce McRae singled and walks were drawn by Sam Cirone, Aaron Sprague and Jack Dryswak in the rally. Connor Hughes clubbed a two-out bases-loaded double in the fifth inning that scored Arce, Veith and Tyson Dus to extend the Oshawa lead to 12-6.


Hughes, Veith and Brendan Robertson combined on the mound to limit Thornhill to only one earned run, striking out four and inducing 13 groundouts.


Oshawa was undefeated in the round robin, posting wins over the Brampton Braves and Toronto Playgrounds and tying a second tournament entry from Thornhill 3-3. Oshawa defeated one of the host Whitby Chiefs teams in the quarter-final and won a 5-4 thriller over of the Royal York Cardinals in the semi-final round.


Head coach Tony Quick and assistants Dave Dus, Barry Hughes, Kevin Cruickshank and Brian Pittens praised the players for their hard work, commitment and preparation, emphasizing that each player played a significant role in carrying the team to the championship through the six tournament games.  The ongoing success of the Peewee Legionaires team combined with the milestones being achieved by Legionaire teams at all age levels is a clear indication that baseball is alive and thriving in Oshawa.


The Oshawa team would also like to commend the Whitby Minor Baseball volunteers for their organizing efforts and dedication that helped make the weekend so much fun for all of the teams.


The Legionaires now head into the second half of EOBA regular season play and are looking forward to their next tournament in late July in Niagara Falls.


The Oshawa Midget Legionaires started off the season on a winning note with an early tournament victory in Quinte this past Mother's Day weekend. The eight team field included North Toronto, Verdon, Montreal, Quinte, Kingston, Peterborough Majors, Peterborough Minors and Oshawa.

Game One on Saturday morning saw Oshawa draw host Quinte Royals. Wesley Paquette took the mound for Oshawa and dominated with a 3-hit complete game shutout for the 3-0 victory, striking out 11 Quinte batters. Offensively Mike Kosciesza was 2-for-3 with a run scored.

Game Two Saturday afternoon brought another brilliant Oshawa pitching performance. Pat Wallace needed only 74 pitches for the complete game shutout victory over the Peterborough Minor Tigers. Wallace allowed only 3 hits and struckout 6. Eric Morrow was 1-for-1 at the plate with a sac fly and 2 RBI. Travis Owens was 2-for-3 with a run scored and was strong defensively. With the win, Oshawa automatically qualified for the semi-finals


Game Three Sunday morning matched up two undefeated teams, Oshawa and Peterborough Majors. The game was not meaningful position wise as both teams had already advanced to the semis. Josh McCulloch got the start for Oshawa with yet another solid pitching performance allowing only 2 runs on 4 hits. McCulloch was charged with the loss as Oshawa could not get the bats going. Mike Kosciesza came on in relief pitching the final 3 innings, allowing only 1 run on 4 hits. Keenan Terwillegar started a rally in the final inning with his 2nd double of the game driving in 2 runs to bring the score to 3-2 but it wasn't enough, and Oshawa fell just short, leaving the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th inning and giving Peterborough the victory. Justice Magee also recorded a hit and was solid defensively in his first appearance of the season.

The semi-finals saw Oshawa face Quinte in a re-match of the tournament opener. Dylan Castillo, Connor May and Pat Wallace combined for the 5-hit shutout in a close 2-0 win to advance to the Championship game. Castillo got the start and the win allowing only 3 hits over 4 innings and striking out 3. Minor Bantam call-up Connor May pitched two scoreless inning, striking out 3 and singling in his only plate appearance. Pat Wallace recorded the save with a perfect 7th inning. Jamie May led the Legionaires offensively going 3-for-4 with a double and driving in the game winning RBI.

The tournament final and Oshawa's third game of the day, pitted Oshawa against Peterborough Majors, the only team to beat Oshawa in the tournament and on the season. Oshawa veteran Mitch Cook got the ball in the championship game and continued Oshawa's dominating pitching performances. Cook pitched 6 2/3 strong innings allowing 3 runs on 6 hits. Keenan Terwillegar pitched the final inning and a third and did not allow a run. Oshawa's bats came alive in the final with the Legionaires scoring in every inning for the lopsided 10-3 victory. Cook also excelled at the plate going 2-for-3 with 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. Dylan Castillo and Mike Kosciesza also recorded 2 hits apiece.

Over the course of the tournament Oshawa pitchers combined for a miniscule 1.54 ERA, striking out 35 batters over the 5 games and only allowing 6 runs. It was a total team effort on the weekend with each and every player making a significant contribution to the tournament victory.

The Legionaires now look ahead to their next tournament June 9-10, 2012 when they will travel to Aberdeen, Maryland to take part in the 2012 18U Break Out the Lumber Tournament hosted at the Ripken facilities.

Hosted by Baseball Oshawa @ Durham College Field


Pitching Champion - Nolan Hartley 300 pts.

Hitting Champion - Luke Torrence 222 pts.

Running Champion - Luke Torrence 115 pts.

OVERALL CHAMPION - Nolan Hartley 507 pts.



Pitching Champion - Vincent Maocheia, Addam Wilson, Grant Forgie, Andrew Robertson, Liam McKeagan and Ben Snider all tied with 150 pts.

Hitting Champion - Quinton McRae 206 pts.

Running Champion -Sean Julien 200 pts.

OVERALL CHAMPION - Addam Wilson 530 pts.



Pitching Champion - Braden Babcock, Kyle Butler, Quin McLane, Nathaniel Snider all tied with 300 pts.

Hitting Champion - Owen Hurtibese 302 pts.

Running Champion - Owen Hurtibese 321 pts.

OVERALL CHAMPION - Braden Babcock 798 pts.



Pitching Champion - Brendan Robertson 300 pts.

Hitting Champion - Connor May 358 pts.

Running Champion - Connor May 384 pts.

OVERALL CHAMPION - Connor May 892 pts.



OVERALL CHAMPION - Zoe Getz 194 pts.



Pitching Champion - Victoria Baker 75 pts.

Hitting Champion -Ella Harness 128 pts.

Running Champion - Victoria Baker 197 pts.

OVERALL CHAMPION - Victoria Baker 322 pts.



OVERALL CHAMPION - Gabriella Marshall 453 pts.


* All Champions listed above now advance to the 2012 MLB PHR Sectional Championship, Saturday, May 12th in Mississauga. Hosted by Mississauga North Baseball Association. Good luck to all of our Champions at the sectionals!



The 2012 summer baseball season will see several Oshawa Legionaires rep baseball teams head south of the border for special tournament experiences.

Oshawa Mosquito Legionaires led by Head Coach Scott Arbuthnot are all set to travel to the Baseball Heaven complex in Long Island, NY for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Showdown Tournament, July 20-22. Baseball Heaven is a state of the art baseball 8 diamond facility built for all children to experience the dream of playing like a pro against competition from teams all over the North America. Baseball Heaven's sport complex is equipped with all the amenities of a professional ballpark including below grade dugouts, connecting bullpens, warning tracks, P.A.system and electronic scoreboards, not to mention state-of-the-art artificial turf (a Sportfield product). Baseball Heaven also accommodates its spectators with our professional ballpark seating, concessions, restaurant and beautiful picnic area. Baseball Heaven makes you feel you are at a professional. Visit the website: www.baseballheavenli.com 

Meanwhile the 
Oshawa Midget Legionaires are headed to Aberdeen, Maryland “the birthplace of legendary hall of famer Cal Ripken Jr.” and the Ripken Experience. The Legionaires led by Head Coach Darryl Reid will be participating in the Ripken Experience 18u Break Out The Lumber Tournament 2012 (WOOD BAT) June 8-10. The Ripken facilities are simply amazing. The Ripken Experience - Aberdeen, MD consists of a youth-sized version of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, known as Cal Sr.'s Yard and other youth-sized replicas of Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Memorial Stadium. There's also a full-sized replica of Yankee Stadium, and new replica parks are in development. The Academy boasts a one-of-a-kind circular training infield, batting cages and a truly bug league experience.
Visit the website: 

The third Oshawa team set to travel south this summer is the Oshawa Minor Peewee Legionaires led by Head Coach Ken Babcock. They will become the first Oshawa baseball team ever to attend one of the week long Cooperstown Tournament Experiences when they travel to Cooperstown All-Star Village “the legendary birthplace of baseball” and a week long tournament experience July 13-20. America's first and only kids' baseball tournament destination designed for the whole family. Located just outside Cooperstown, NY, the state of the art facilities include major league style baseball fields for kids 12 and under. Cooperstown All-Star Village represents the simplicity of baseball as it was originally invented on a farm not unlike this one (The mythical Abner Doubleday Farm). With mountain scenery as your backdrop, play, learn and meet teams from across the country and around the world while enjoying the game the way it was meant to be. Played right in the heart of baseball country! Youth travel teams have many tournament choices today but none of them come close to the Ultimate Cooperstown Experience! Cooperstown All-Star Village boasts state-of-the-art tournament fields with lights and batting cages; All fields are equipped with web cams that broadcast the games live on the internet and back to our full service restaurant. Every player that participates is awarded a Cooperstown Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Ring and inducted into our Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. Each player package includes official and professional style Cooperstown home and away jerseys and baseball socks, CASV cap, a ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, three nutritional and delicious -- meals a day and six nights accommodations in our air-conditioned team bunkhouses located in the Player Village. Take a tour of this amazing destination and baseball experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX_Oi_LYiXI


A big congratulations to Oshawa Peewee Legionaire Connor May who was named today the 2011 Baseball Ontario Provincial Youth PLAYER OF THE YEAR. The 13 year old Oshawa native batted .629 this past season with 10 homeruns and 96 rbi's. While on the mound he dominated as well going 15-0 and helped lead his Oshawa Peewee Legionaires team to three tournment championships, the Eastern Ontario Baseball Association Championship Gold Medal, and a 3rd place Bronze medal at the Ontario Championships and an overall record of 47-6.

You'll remember that Connor also captured the Major League Baseball National Pitch, Hit & Run title at the Rogers Centre hosted by the Toronto Blue Jays, signifying him as tops in the country for his age division. An exceptional young man and an exceptional young player in every aspect of the game of baseball, who is very deserving of this provincial recognition. "We are extremely proud of Connor and this wonderful award that he has earned, stated Baseball Oshawa Vice President, Ken Babcock. "He is not only a terrific ball player but he is a terrific person too. This is a big deal and they made an excellent choice" Connor is lookiing forward to the 2012 baseball season as he and his Legionaires team mates along with Coach Steve Crouse move to the Minor Bantam age division this coming summer and take aim at a Provincial Championship. More exciting things are in store for sure. Connor May - Provincial Player of the Year.




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